“I’ve never contacted a vigilante before”

TV Show: Sweet/Vicious
Episode Title: Pure Heroine
Original Air Date: January 24, 2017
Episode Number: 1×10

Episode Description

After the verdict is overturned and Tyler is arrested, the girls learn that injustice has impacted their entire campus.

My Review

FUCK YOU, MTV! After watching the finale, I have so much anger at MTV for cancelling such a timely and currently relevant show. What exactly was their reasoning for this cancellation and what are the chances that this will be taken up by another station or streaming platform? Ugh, there is no justice in this world (like this show portrays). You have an excellent show here and of course it gets cancelled while trash gets renewed season after season.


The takedown of Nate was well-done and quite satisfying. He was publicly shamed and everyone knows what kind of scum he really is. I’m going to pretend that last scene with him entering his room and meeting that guy didn’t happen and that he got kicked out of Darlington for good and his football days are over. (Seriously, why the fuck was he still in Darlington?)

Who knew Miles would be the one to help the girls take Nate down? Miles, my man! Him filming Nate doing drugs and saying all those things and admitting he’s a piece of shit cleared my pores. So utterly satisfying.

Loved the Sweet/Vicious website and the majority of Darlington totally doing what they can to report the assaults and seek justice for those students. It was very cool when Ophelia and Jules turned back around to see a flood of messages on their site. “We’re going to be busy.” Indeed you are. I also loved how they’re recruiting the rest of the students to help them in their vigilante-ing.

That scene with Jules and Kennedy was very important and I’m glad that Kennedy’s feelings were addressed. Must have been a tough position for her to be in because she really did love Nate so Jules telling her that she needs to mourn that relationship was very good advice. I can’t help but tear up during these two friends’ emotional scenes! “You are a strong and beautiful woman and nothing can break you unless you give it permission.” 😭

Harris is now part of the team, yes! Unfortunately we’re not going to see this awesomeness because MTV is stupid. I cracked up at Harris and Ophelia’s Charlie vs. Bosley argument, lol. And yes, Ophelia is right. Harris is Bosley. Also, his reaction to seeing Jules and Ophelia kicking ass and taking down seven guys was adorable.

This finale was very good and I’m kinda glad that we weren’t left with any cliffhangers, just a few hints as to how season two would have been like if we got a second season. It’s really a damn shame we’re not going to get any more episodes of this show because I love Ophelia, Jules, Harris, and Kennedy and I’m not ready to say goodbye to these characters.

Just have to commend the cast and crew for a fantastic job with this show and I’m sorry on behalf of MTV that they won’t get to continue the Sweet/Vicious story.

Gonna end this review with this exchange between Ophelia and Jules:

“We’re awesome at this.”
“We really are.”



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