“You’re here now”

TV Show: Sweet/Vicious
Episode Title: Back To Black
Original Air Date: January 17, 2017
Episode Number: 1×08

Episode Description

Jules wants to set up a public takedown at a frat party, but when Ophelia is not sold on the idea, the girls fight.

My Review

My heart is hurting so much after watching this episode. I can’t take the impact of Jules and Ophelia fighting and Jules and Kennedy finally reconciling in the same episode. I was still reeling from the Ophelia/Jules fight and then we got the Jules/Kennedy scene afterwards? I was a sobbing mess. This episode got me right in the heart. Kudos all around to Taylor, Aisha, and especially Eliza. The emotions and all the tears in the scene with Kennedy? I was blown away. If Sweet/Vicious doesn’t get saved then I hope Eliza (and Taylor for that matter) find themselves in an equally fantastic show as this one because it would be a shame if people don’t see their talents. (Aisha is already set with her new show The Bold Type on Freeform.)

The fight between Jules and Ophelia was so hard to watch because I hate it when they fight. I almost lost it when Ophelia said that all she wants is to fix Jules. In fact, the whole speech was amazing.

“You think that you can just hide behind that mask and everything’s okay? You have to deal with what happened to you. And if support group doesn’t help, fine, but just…you have to do something. Look at him. Look at his face. This is not you. This is not what we’re trying to do. This darkness that’s inside of you is just gonna grow bigger and stronger, and then what? And what’s next, huh? You beat someone to death?”

Totally understand where Ophelia is coming from. She’s scared of what Jules has become and how much darker her actions have gotten since they started this crusade and she’s intuited correctly that it’s because of what happened with Kennedy. And then this other part of the speech is what really got me.

“I wish I could fix you. I wish I could take away your pain and reverse everything that happened to you, but I can’t. But I can tell you that I’m scared, and I just want you to be better, but I can’t be the one that heals you, okay? And for that, I’m sorry.”

Beautifully delivered by Taylor and I was thisclose to full-on bawling.

Jules’ instinct was of course to hit back because she doesn’t want to admit that there’s something wrong with her, that this is all normal behavior. So she goes straight for Ophelia’s insecurity about her feeling like a mistake. Good thing Ophelia knows better than to take this to heart since Jules is just lashing out and doesn’t mean any of it, but this part has got to sting (even if it’s untrue): “I don’t need you, Ophelia. I never did.” The hurt look on Ophelia’s face…man, I just wanted to hug her.

Ophelia going directly to Kennedy to tell her to grow some balls and that Jules has disappeared and not well, that she’s the only one who can help her now made me want to cheer. Kennedy has finally seen what kind of person truly is and she was just trying to look past the alarm bells ringing in her head. With time, she realized that she believed Jules all along. I would quote her entire scene with Jules, but I’ll spare you and just post the last part of it.

“You deserve to be heard. And you will be heard. The school can’t just hide their heads in the sand. You’re a person. You’re my person. And we are gonna fight this. Kennedy Cates doesn’t back down from a challenge, and Jules, oh my God, you are so strong. I’m gonna be there with you every single step of the way, okay? I’ll never let you down again.”

The “You’re my person” part got the tears flowing, I’m not gonna lie. It was beautifully delivered and the reaction on Jules’ face was everything. Jules can finally be ready to move on now that she has her best friend by her side ready to take on all of Darlington and I can’t wait.

That cliffhanger with Harris, though! I don’t think Ophelia can lie her way out of this so I feel it’s best to let Harris in on the secret and let him be the Alfred to this Batman and Batman operation. I’m sure he’ll be more than happy to be an accomplice.

Other random thoughts:

– Evan and Ophelia continue to be really great together and I just hope they keep their relationship just like this, with very little complication.

– Tyler is close to figuring out what really happened to Carter. I wonder if he found anything at the garage and that’s why that cop showed up there to meet him.

– Ophelia’s love of pizza never gets old. I loved her huge “Respect Pizza” sign in her apartment.

– I’m not going to let Nate ruin that epic Love Actually scene. Nope. Fuck him and his stupid face.

– “Did a Sephora explode on your face?”

– “I’m the queen of chill. I’m Elsa from Frozen chill, but this is not cool.”


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