“You sound like an alcoholic toddler”

TV Show: Sweet/Vicious
Episode Title: Heartbreaker
Original Air Date: January 10, 2017
Episode Number: 1×07

Episode Description

After Jules’ confession, she tries to pull herself out of her depression, and memories return during a bar crawl.

My Review

I am so ready for Nate to get his smug face smacked and punched over and over. When he walked into that bar and raised his glass at Jules and just smiled so smugly, I wanted to reach into my TV screen and wring his fucking neck. I will enjoy seeing Jules (and Ophelia and Kennedy) kick his ass and hand it back to him. Just because he’s a prized jock at the university doesn’t mean squat.

So disappointed in Lane from Gilmore Girls playing the counselor and advising Jules to not do anything about this. What kind of fucking nonsense? I’m not surprised, though, because I’m sure this is the norm more than the exception with star athletes getting away with rape, cheating, failing class, etc. just because they’re athletes. Absolutely ridiculous.

Good for Ophelia for being honest about her feelings for Evan. They seem really good together. Harris calling Barton and willing to look further into the assaults is very good. Darlington is trying to bury this whole vigilante thing because they know that it’s tied to everyone who was accused of sexual assault.

Ruh-roh, Tyler saw the photoshopped picture of Carter and goes to the police to file a missing persons report. This is not good at all, but since there are only three episodes left, I guess it’s time for that plot to get going again.

I didn’t want to see Jules getting raped and I cringed and just felt so sorry for her. Nate taking advantage of her drunken state and the fact that they were friends…wow, I have no words. It was rape, not cheating, you asshole. Seriously, he needs to die. I haven’t hated a character this much in quite a while and the actor does a good job of making him so unlikeable and despicable.

After a year, Jules is still broken and doesn’t feel comfortable enough to talk about what she went through and how she’s feeling. I blame the latter for her counseling session with that hack counselor. Can you blame Jules for not talking about what happened to her after that session? I hope she opens up to Ophelia and just let it all out. Ophelia is more than willing to be there for her.

Opharris Day was a lot of fun and it’s very cool of Ophelia to ask Jules to join them and for Harris being okay with Jules tagging along. Ophelia was even thoughtful enough to bring sour worms for Jules knowing that she doesn’t drink so that Jules can munch on them while her and Harris are drinking.

Loved the impromptu karaoke session to a Bleachers song. I laughed so hard at Ophelia saying “Look, I don’t have anything by The Lumineers” because I do think that Jules is the kind of person who would be a Lumineers fan. I am, too, so this is not me judging. And speaking of music from this episode, I freaked out when I heard MUNA’s Loudspeaker playing! I loooooove this band and I highly recommend their CD. It’s one of the best CDs I’ve heard this year.

Ophelia’s concern for Jules this entire episode was giving me so much life. I just really enjoy their friendship so much. Ophelia considers Jules her best friend! I was smiling so much over this. Ophelia was also trying to stop Jules from drinking because she knows that the last time it happened was when Jules was raped. She was just trying to spare Jules from having recollections of that night as much as she can.

Ophelia stopping Jules from attacking Nate right there in the men’s bathroom was also pretty great. I love that Ophelia knows Jules enough that she hid in the bathroom to catch Jules in vigilante gear. Seriously, how awesome is Ophelia? I want to be friends with her!

Will end this review with a few of my favorite lines:

“It’s cool if you don’t identify me as your best friend yet, but you sure as hell are mine, so, um, let me do what best friends do and make you feel better.” 😍

“You’re special.” – Ophelia to Jules 🤗

“We can have fun without alcohol.”
[Cut to Ophelia’s ‘Everything is Better With Alcohol’ pillow]
HAHAHAHAHA. Well-played.


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