“Well, if none of you are going to kill me, I think I’ll go and have a bit of a cry”

TV Show: Fringe
Episode Title: Over There, Part 1
Original Air Date: May 13, 2010
Episode Number: 2×21

Episode Description

In part one of the two-part, two-night second season finale, Walter and Olivia travel to the parallel universe, and the anticipated face-off between Walter Bishop and William Bell occurs.

My Review

I love rewatching this show and then declaring “I love you, show” after almost every episode and this one was no exception. The introduction of the alternate universe just like that with no warning or preamble was fantastic. Just throw the audience into it and let them figure out what’s going on.

The introduction of the Fringe Division…I have no words. It was like watching another show with the great world-building and interesting characters. Loved seeing all the differences between the two universes with one of them having MLK Jr. on the $20 bill instead of Andrew Jackson (“Who the hell is Jackson?” LOL).

Such a treat to see the majority of the cast have alternate versions of themselves and this even gets us Charlie back (well, his alt version). AltLiv, wow. Compare her to our Olivia and it’s pretty much night and day. AltLiv is more positive and carefree and has this light attitude about her. Even AltCharlie is different from our Charlie because he seems to have more of a less serious approach to the job. AltBroyles seems to be the same being a stern figure and still the boss. AltAstrid was probably the biggest deviation from our Astrid with her ability to interpret huge amounts of data like a computer almost to assess a situation and make recommendations to AltBroyles. Fascinating.

And of course we get to meet Lincoln Lee (played by Seth Gabel, one of the best additions to the cast) as the leader of Fringe Division. Too bad he was burned at the bridge, but it looks like he will survive as per AltLivia’s conversation with her boyfriend Frank.

Elizabeth and Peter’s scenes were really touching and I enjoyed their first interaction. I can’t even begin to imagine how both of them were feeling during this very moment. Elizabeth asking about Peter’s childhood was bittersweet. I’m sure she’s dying to know everything. I got a laugh at the random “I love bacon” comment, but enjoyed Peter’s tidbit about thinking he dreamt about eating bacon as a kid because he doesn’t remember it and because Elizabeth was a vegetarian.

Those drawings Walternate gave to Elizabeth to give to Peter looks like it’s some kind of machine and Peter seems to be the essential piece to this machine judging from the paper that the Observer left with Olivia at the bar stool which was also in that room with the machine that Walternate looked at in the last scene.

Meanwhile, our regular team was busy trying to devise a way to cross over. Thanks to James Heath, Nick Lane, and the other girl (I don’t remember her name) and together with Olivia, they were all able to cross over with Walter. Love this group of Cortexiphan Cohorts, almost like a team of superheroes. It’s too bad all three of them died quickly after crossing over, but at least Olivia and Walter are still alive. They’re separated for now, but Bell found Olivia and now their chances of finding each other and locating Peter has just increased tenfold.

Olivia watching AltLiv through her apartment window was kinda sad. Olivia is probably wondering how AltLiv’s life is like and is curious to know more about her. Can’t wait for these two to meet because you know they would eventually meet. I cracked up so much at AltLiv telling her boyfriend that she doesn’t drink because she can’t stand the taste. Contrast this with our Olivia who loves to get her drink on to unwind and only drinks hard liquor. I love it!

And now for a few random observations and lines:

– Loved the new red credits showing us the technology and weirdness of Over There (includes “Mutation”).

– We find out that Walternate is the Secretary of the Department of Defense and the headquarters are located on Liberty Island with the Statue of Liberty in its original copper state. So cool.

– I have loved that coat Olivia is wearing in this episode from the moment I saw it and have never really found it online so I could buy it.

– The West Wing poster at the bus stop made me howl! Loved that it’s on its 11th season and airs on Sundays at 5pm. My favorite show (TWW) and my second-favorite show (Fringe) colliding! 👏

– Nick’s “Welcome to the monkey house” greeting at seeing Olivia again cracked me up.

Finale is up next!!


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