“Superheroes usually have capes. Also basic human rights.”

TV Show: Killjoys
Episode Title: Boondoggie
Original Air Date: June 30, 2017
Episode Number: 3×01

Episode Description

Dutch and D’avin, with the help of an obnoxious black market dealer, are on the hunt for a weapon that will draw out the Hullen, and Johnny receives an SOS from Clara, leading him into the underground world of Hackmods.

My Review

Welcome back, show!!! This and Wynonna Earp are my go-to shows for fun and entertainment during the summer months so I’m very happy that both shows are now airing one after the other. Forget about going out on Friday nights. SyFy is where it’s at with these two shows. Who needs a social life when you can have Wynonna, Waverly, Nicole, Doc, Dolls from Wynonna Earp and Dutch, Johnny, D’avin, Pree, Fancy, Alvis, Lucy from Killjoys to keep you company, am I right?

Great start to the season. I really liked this episode, but I’m quite disappointed that we didn’t see Clara and I’m thinking that it’s because of the actress’ unavailability. Really huge bummer because I adored Clara when she was introduced last season and because I enjoyed how much she and Johnny clicked right away.

Ollie seems to be fine for now, but she’s no Clara. As long as she doesn’t start to have feelings for Johnny or vice versa, I won’t mind her too much. I want her and Johnny to have a sibling-type of relationship while they’re on this quest to find Clara. Is it too much to hope that Clara will make a surprise appearance this season even for just one episode?

Ollie asking Johnny about what his deal is with Clara got an eyebrow-raise from me especially Johnny’s answer:

“So what’s your deal with Clara? A wifey? Boss? Nonsexual life partner?”
“Actually, that would be Dutch.”

Johnny being an honorary hackmod with his new laser fingerbanger was pretty great. I loved how much he geeked out over it and kept on playing with it, amusing Ollie in the process. I kinda like that Johnny has his own storyline in finding Clara and what is being done to the disappearing hackmods, but I hope that his story and the rest of the gang’s story all come together so they could be reunited.

Speaking of, how kickass was Dutch’s team? Dutch, D’avin, Fancy, Pree, Alvis, and Lucy were all in fine form throughout this episode. They have gelled quite nicely and know where each of them stand and what their roles are on the team. I’m just realizing that their plan involved getting arrested by that suspected Hullen border control crew and that’s why they came prepared with all those hidden syringes and thingamajigs beneath their skins. Too cool.

The ending with the Hullen ships…hoo boy. What exactly are the Hullens planning aside from eradicating all of humanity? Are they planning on bombing each planet and those ships are their way of getting the hell out of dodge when bombing time comes? And what was that scene with D’avin opening up one ship, getting inside, and then flying away? Don’t tell me he’s a Hullen now, too? I’m assuming that only Hullens can access and fly those ships. This one is a wait and see for now.

How fun are D’avin and Fancy together? I swear they’re the gift that keep on giving. Their banter continue to be absolutely hilarious and I just love that they give each other so much shit, but mutually respect each other. I laughed so hard at their interrogation scene.

“Did you see words coming out of my mouth?”
“How can I see words? That makes no sense.”
“I’d like to request separate cells.”


Pree and Alvis’ interrogation scene was also very funny. “What is a monk and a bartender doing hanging out with killjoys?” Fancy’s gadgets were pretty awesome. I loved his stun boomerang the most. “Stun boomerang. Motion sensitive. Patent pending.” LOL.

The guy called Mouth that they kidnapped seemed okay and I found him amusing. His negotiation skills with Dutch were a complete fail.

“I need off this ship. Also, a secure uplink, 500,000 joy, and a little bit of privacy.”
“You can have Lucy, a monitored line, and your teeth.”
“I accept your terms.”

Finally, Dutch and Johnny. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. I don’t even know if I’m shipping them because if I had to choose, I would rather they stay platonic rather than romantic because it would be best for their relationship. I do have a feeling that Dutch is starting to have more than platonic feelings for Johnny, though. I got this feeling from the way Hannah John-Kamen played that last scene especially when Dutch told Lucy to play Johnny’s message again.

Their conversation was tinged with so much sadness and longing and was quite emotional:

“But you have dibs. If you really need me, I’m there. You just have to say the word.”
“That’s not fair. You know I won’t.”
“It’s not like either of us are alone in this shit, right? You got my brother.”
“You’ve got Clara.” / “I’ve got Clara.”

I can’t deal with this. 😭

Loved, loved, LOVED the last part of their conversation:

“Miss you first.”
“Miss you most.”

So beautiful.

Random moment which I absolutely adored was Dutch reading Johnny’s comics.


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