“Can we have a safe word, like when I say ‘tacos are tasty’ you send in backup?”

TV Show: Wynonna Earp
Episode Title: She Ain’t Right
Original Air Date: June 30, 2017
Episode Number: 2×04

Episode Description

It’s Earp vs. Earp as Wynonna fights for her sister Waverly’s soul.

My Review

Great episode with almost the entire cast getting something to do. That ending, though! Gooverly planting a kiss on her sister before transferring from Waverly’s body into Wynonna’s body made me go “holy shit.” What’s going to happen now? Surely Goononna will fight like hell to not let this goo monster harm a defenseless and unconscious Waverly. Maybe someone will stop by the homestead and then this will force Goononna to hide and let Wynonna take over?

Quite interesting that the goo monster was getting tired of fighting Waverly and even commented that she was too strong and always won out. I really hope Waverly doesn’t take long to realize that the monster has now inhabited Wynonna and that they’ll figure out what it is and how to get rid of it for good.

Is the goo monster related to the black-dressed ghosts that have now taken over Mercedes and Beth? What the hell are their plans for Tucker? He’s evil enough that they want to groom him to become what exactly? That last scene with them gave me chills. They said they’ll give anything they want and the first thing he says is he wants a girl. Fuck Tucker. I was kinda relieved to see Mercedes still alive, but when I realized she wasn’t really Mercedes, I got disappointed all over again.

Loved the Dolls/Doc bromance. I have really warmed up to both of them together and separately and I like Doc now. I used to dislike him in the first season, but ever since the show has stopped the Doc/Wynonna romance, I’ve liked him more and more. Just hope the show doesn’t go back to that. So adorable when Dolls thanked Doc. I want them to remain BFFs and not let Wynonna or any other woman get in the way of their friendship.

Jeremy was a hoot and a half in this episode and I’m glad he’s becoming a vital part of the team. He and Rosita better not end up dead this season because I like both of them a lot. Is Jeremy gay? Was he just uncomfortable about Rosita flirting with him because he’s someone who hasn’t had any experience in that department or was it because he’s gay? His crush on Doc makes me think it’s the latter and if this is the case, YES!

I was so annoyed by that villain who just wouldn’t die! He didn’t seem exactly like a Revenant so what was he and where did he get that hand blade? Was he a result of what happened in last season’s finale when the portal was opened? And what was he talking about that something was coming? Does this have something to do with the black-dressed ghosts and the goo monster?

There were a lot of hilarious lines in this episode:

“Is there anybody around here you haven’t blackmailed?” – Rosita to Doc

“The lock-picking worked. Thank you, YouTube.” – Waverly

“You short-circuiting, BB8?” – Wynonna to Jeremy (Wynonna is a Star Wars fan, I love it.)

“Dude, you gotta watch that movie again.” – Wynonna to evil dude about the plot of Robin Hood

“Firepower. Buxom biochemist, hello. BBD Science.” – Jeremy to Doc and Rosita

“Stick to being Waverly. She’s pretty great.” – Wynonna to Waverly (I loved this)

“Siri, call Doc Holliday.”
“Calling Holiday Inn.”
“Stupid bitch.”

I laughed the hardest at this. 😂

“Friar Cuck.”

Rosita: “What…”
Doc: “…was…”
Jeremy: “…that?”

This was so perfect.

“Something is coming.”
“Winter? Yeah, we got the memo.”

Wynonna is also a Game of Thrones fan. 😄


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