“I love it when we say things in unison. It’s so badass.”

TV Show: Sweet/Vicious
Episode Title: Tragic Kingdom
Original Air Date: December 6, 2016
Episode Number: 1×04

Episode Description

In order to take down an evil sorority that’s brutally hazing their pledges, Ophelia begrudgingly goes undercover to participate in pledge week in an attempt to dismantle the sorority from the inside.

My Review

So we meet Ophelia’s mom (Bobbi) and she seems nice enough when her daughter is following the path that Bobbi wants her to take and then discards her like a piece of dirty rag when Ophelia is back to being her true self. When you have family like that, who needs enemies?

It was so sad to see Ophelia enjoying her bonding time with her mom because you just know it won’t end well at all so I was bracing myself for Bobbi to go back to being uncaring and cold towards Ophelia. Ophelia tearing up when her mom said “We’ll see” about her staying in the Hamptons…I teared up as well. It’s okay, Ophelia. You’re fine on your own. Jules and Harris are more than enough and they really are your true family.

Seeing Jules so happy in the beginning was such a treat, but just like with Ophelia, it wasn’t bound to last. The moment Nate came to visit Kennedy, the nightmares returned and Jules couldn’t sleep. I have a feeling that it will only be a matter of time before she tells Kennedy.

I liked that last scene with her and Kennedy where Kennedy says that she knows something is bothering Jules and that she’ll be there for her when she’s ready to talk. I don’t doubt for a second that Kennedy will believe her and then dump Nate’s ass right away. Kennedy will be hurt by this revelation, not because of her relationship ending with Nate, but because Jules didn’t tell about it sooner. This is the one scene that I’m really looking forward to seeing unfold because I just know it’s going to be a real tearjerker.

The whole Carter/Tyler mystery continues to be the show’s weakest point. I just don’t care. I’m more interested in Harris looking into the vigilante attacks and trying to see if there are any connections. This is not going to be good for Jules and Ophelia, but hopefully Harris understands and doesn’t expose them.

I’m glad that awful sorority was disbanded. They’re the reason why sororities get a bad rep. Kennedy’s sorority was a lot better and I wouldn’t have minded being part of that if I had sororities in my college. I laughed at the inter-cutting scenes between the two sororities and their presidents giving such differing speeches. That was well-done. “You’re all khaleesis in our eyes. Consider us your khalasar.”

I have been trying not to ship Ophelia and Jules since the beginning, but it’s getting a lot harder as I watch more episodes. My favorite scene with them was the last one where they’re sharing a whole pie of pizza. Them sharing food is totally going to be their thing, isn’t it? Last episode it was them sharing a cup of ramen noodles and this time it’s pizza.

I just loved the easy camaraderie and how open they are with each other and how they know each other so well. Ophelia saying “For what it’s worth, I’m sorry.” in regards to Jules’ relationship with Kennedy and how hard it must be for her not to tell her best friend. And Jules complimenting Ophelia’s green hair was the best. “Bobbi’s wrong. The green’s awesome.” It made me smile. 😍


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