“I can explain fractionals using M&Ms”

TV Show: Sweet/Vicious
Episode Title: Sucker
Original Air Date: November 29, 2016
Episode Number: 1×03

Episode Description

After Jules trains Ophelia to become a vigilante, they take on their first target together: a boy using a popular dating app to find his victims.

My Review

When is Nate going to get his due? His apology to Kennedy in Jules’ room with Jules in there with them was so uncomfortable and made me want to kick him in his face. All of that was an act, I have no doubt about it. He doesn’t want Kennedy to break up with him so he had to come up with this pious and repentant and supportive act just so Kennedy forgives him. Ugh. I can’t wait for Kennedy to find out what a douche and horrible person Nate is. She deserves so much more.

I don’t blame Jules for not telling Kennedy because that’s not her place and she doesn’t want to hurt her best friend that way. The truth will come out eventually and maybe Kennedy will find out on her own who Nate really is.

I continue to be so impressed with Eliza Bennett (gotta love that name) as Jules because she always delivers during the emotional scenes. Her watching Jessie’s video about her rape was so moving and you could sense that Jules was thinking about what happened to her and her own rape. And of course that scene in her room with Nate and Kennedy…so good. She plays Jules’ fear of Nate so perfectly.

Harris calling out Ophelia for being a horrible employee and an even worse friend was a long time coming. Harris has been treated unfairly by Ophelia for the past three episodes and I cheered when Harris told her that she was fired. Of course I knew it wasn’t going to last so I found Ophelia’s apology quite endearing. Her quoting Notting Hill back to Harris knowing that he loves it was so cute. Love their relationship.

The girls beating up Darren was great, but it was even better when they were able to let Jessie know that Darren was taken care of. That was the win in my book. I just hope that Jessie can now find some peace and is able to get back to normal little by little.

I’m not too keen on the whole Carter situation and I really couldn’t care less about Tyler and his budding romance with Jules. I find them cute together, but I’m just not into their relationship. And I thought Jules was going to take it super slow with him so why were they already making out? This relationship will implode once Tyler learns that Jules was involved in his brother’s death, I’m sure.

Other random observations:

– Fun opening with Jules teaching Ophelia how to fight. I need more of these scenes because for some reason, I was entertained by Ophelia getting her ass kicked.

– Harris and the sorority girl going out? Get it, Harris!

– How cute was that scene with Ophelia and Jules sharing a cup of noodles? Also loved that Ophelia told Jules that for them to work together, Jules needs to let Ophelia in and Jules complies.

– Loved these two Ophelia quotes: “I can explain fractionals using M&Ms” and “I have saved countless people from the irreparable mistake that is Nickelback.”


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