“I’m so tired my whole body feels like noodles”

TV Show: Sweet/Vicious
Episode Title: The Writing’s On The Wall
Original Air Date: November 22, 2016
Episode Number: 1×02

Episode Description

In light of recent events, Jules ceases her vigilante activities, but when Ophelia shows her how so many girls are also suffering from sexual assault on campus, Jules agrees to continue to fight for revenge with Ophelia.

My Review

This episode made me tear up a couple of times and both were Ophelia/Jules scenes, of course. I am just so in love with their dynamic and their relationship already. I don’t think I’ve fallen in love with two characters’ relationship this quickly…the only one that comes to mind are Jessica and Trish from Jessica Jones. Speaking of that show, I’m actually kinda reminded of the Jessica/Trish dynamic between Ophelia/Jules and this is a very good thing.

I was so gutted when Jules told Ophelia that she doesn’t want to continue on with this vigilante thing and I wanted to hug Ophelia when Jules told her that she was “completely demented” and that they’re not friends. Good thing Ophelia was smart enough not to go off on Jules and just left without any protestations. She knows that Jules was raped, too, so she was just respecting her wishes.

These lines of dialogue were heartbreaking: “Do your friends even know what happened to you? I see you for who you really are, and if that scares you, fine, but I’m a real friend…”

Then we have the next scene with Jules seeing the wall of rapists and I teared up when Ophelia said “The school needs its Batman”, handed her the marker, and she wrote Nate’s name on the wall. The actor playing Jules is very good at the dramatic and more emotional scenes and my heart broke for her when she saw that wall and when she was writing Nate’s name.

It was nice to know a little bit more about Jules: father is a sheriff, mother was killed in a car accident when Jules was only nine. I hope we get to know more about Ophelia. We know that her family is super rich and that she is the black sheep of the family. Aside from her shirking her collegiate duties, I want to know why she is the outcast in her family.

The girls burying the body was a riot and I’m glad that they didn’t get caught. Gotta give it up to Jules to saw off both hands and remove the rapist’s teeth so that he won’t be easily identified.

Ophelia ragging on Jules is the cutest thing. When Jules had trouble getting out of the car, Ophelia says “I can’t believe you’re a vigilante.” Ophelia is still giving Jules grief over her pink backpack, which Jules really needs to rethink. Ophelia is appalled that Jules’ phone doesn’t have a pass code (LOL). I love this part of their relationship so hopefully this continues in the rest of the episodes. Would be nice to have Jules snark back, too!

Poor Harris not being able to enjoy his peanut butter froyo! But at least his experience with racial discrimination led to him finally finding a good topic for his essay. Harris is a saint for putting up with all of Ophelia’s craziness. Is he the one who owns the store or is it Ophelia’s store? I’m asking because why would Ophelia take all the cash from the register and from her various vinyl CD hiding places?

Kennedy is going to get hurt when she finds out about Nate and Jules. I am here for this.

I’m meh on Tyler for now. He’s good for Jules and he seems to be a nice guy so here’s hoping he doesn’t end up hurting her if/when he finds out about his dead stepbrother and that Jules was involved in his death.

Lastly, that final scene of Jules and Ophelia dressed as vigilantes was PERFECT! Batman and Robin indeed!


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