“A well-fed zombie is a happy zombie”

TV Show: iZombie
Episode Title: Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, part 2
Original Air Date: June 27, 2017
Episode Number: 3×13

Episode Description

Liv uncovers a shocking truth with far-reaching consequences. A reeling Major looks to the future, and Clive gets closure. Meanwhile, Blaine makes a business proposal.

My Review

Well, that was quite a finale. I have a few minor nitpicks, but I liked this episode a lot.

Let me start with the nitpicks first. Major is back to being a zombie again, eh? Come on, show. At this point, this is turning into a major joke (see what I did there?). S1 finale he’s turned into a zombie. S3 he gets cured. S3 finale he’s a zombie again. I like Major, but this is just ridiculous with the flip-flopping. He better stay a zombie until this show ends because if he turns into a human again, I will be so annoyed.

Next nitpick: Dale being turned into a zombie. I was so happy to see her back a few episodes ago and for Clive to finally clue her in to the whole zombie thing in this episode. Of course, that goes to shit because they can’t be together anymore since now a zombie. Awesome. (Granted, there’s no way of knowing if they were even planning on getting back together, but all signs pointed to yes.)

Next nitpick: Carey Gold was behind everything? This is so fucking lame. I know having Chase be the culprit was too predictable and not a shock, but Carey Gold being the mastermind? I think that is pretty weak. I’m just pissed that Vivian really is dead and that Carey was the one who killed her. LAME.

On to the good bits. Liv being proactive and spreading the word about the vaccine definitely helped contain the damage from being worse than it would have been. It’s just unfortunate she didn’t find out about it sooner. She should have killed Patrice and Tatum right then and there because they would just cause more trouble in the future probably. I’ve a feeling might take revenge for her mom’s death next season. This isn’t over yet.

It’s crazy to think that Carey’s plan in infecting the entire Seattle population and turning them into zombies makes any kind of sense. What was her goal here? How would they have enough brains/brain mush to keep everyone satisfied? And what are the chances that they won’t spread the virus outside of Seattle? Seriously, I’m confused by this plan. Or was her plan to turn the entire country into zombies? Again, how will they acquire brains? Have other countries donate the brains of their dead citizens? This just seems so fucking convoluted.

So it looks like Chase will be a regular character next season. I like him fine enough and I’m glad that he seems to be a good guy after all so there is that. I wouldn’t even be opposed to see him and Liv start a relationship, but I wonder if the writers will even go there after what Liv did to Justin. And now Major is a zombie again so he’s back in the picture. In any case, I just hope that romantic relationships will be downplayed next season.

If my recollection is correct, it’s only Clive and Peyton who are left as humans, correct? Well, this should be interesting. Everyone else in the cast is a zombie. Can’t wait for everyone’s reactions when they find out that Ravi is now a zombie, which leads me to…

Oh, Ravi. Him sacrificing himself to be the guinea pig for the cure that he’s testing was shocking to me. It was definitely bold of him and I’m guessing that he doesn’t want to use any of his friends for testing purposes was probably what made up his mind. I loved that scene with him and Liv in the lab where Liv says “I love you, Ravi” and he says “I love you too, Liv.” I just love their friendship and I admit that I teared up a little bit. Really hope Ravi will have a cure next season.

The finale ending with that showdown between humans and zombies was not good at all (as in it’s bad for the future of Seattle). This is exactly the worst thing that could have happened and for it to happen so soon after the zombie secret is out is bad news for the zombies. If news got out of what happened at that site, there will be major chaos.

Other random observations:

– Chase complimenting Liv’s new look (again) and then cut to the next scene and Liv is back to her old zombie look was very funny.

– Clive dyeing Dale’s hair was such a sweet scene. I would love for these two crazy kids to take a go at being together despite the zombie-ism. Will Dale be a regular next season? I sure hope so.

– I liked that the show didn’t forget about the whole Russian hacking storyline that was left unresolved earlier in the season and that Dale was investigating.

– Well, Blaine and company will be rolling in dough, won’t they? Carey’s plan is nothing but good news for his brain business.

This was a very good season which started out okay-ish and got better as the season wore on. Just leave the romantic entanglements behind next season and hit the ground running and we’ll be good.


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