“That’s the plot of Batman”

TV Show: Sweet/Vicious
Episode Title: The Blueprint
Original Air Date: November 15, 2016
Episode Number: 1×01

Episode Description

Jules, the perfect sorority sister, balances her life of being a college student while also serving up vigilante justice on her school’s campus. That is, until Ophelia a computer hacking weed dealer, discovers Jules’ secret.

My Review

Since I’m done catching up on all the Black Mirror episodes, it’s time for me to start a new show and Sweet/Vicious is it. I know MTV has already cancelled this show so I’m probably going to regret starting this knowing full well that there won’t be any more episodes, but still telling myself I made the right decision if I end up loving it. Judging by this first episode, that could very well be the case.

I absolutely adored this pilot and instantly loved the two leads and their best friends and the premise is pretty topical and relevant. I always gravitate towards female-led shows and this one was no different. It’s just a shame MTV didn’t renew it.

Jules being that kickass was completely unexpected. Another unexpected thing? That she’s a sorority girl who’s using that persona to hide her fighting skills and keeping this dark secret about her past. She was raped by Nate, Kennedy’s boyfriend. My question is, did it happen while Nate and Kennedy were together or did it happen before they got together. No wonder Jules froze the moment Nate appeared. If/when Kennedy finds out, this is going to break her heart.

Ophelia? Love her. Hilarious, brassy, loud, honest, etc. I laughed at almost everything she said in this episode and I think the actress is so great in the role, perfectly capturing Ophelia’s not-a-care attitude, but deep down inside she definitely cares a little bit. Her telling Jules that her parents call her a mistake has got to be her thing, right? I liked how she easily told Jules this with no qualms.

The girls’ “meet cute” was nice, but I loved their real meet cute when Jules just pushes Ophelia down the stairs (but not before Ophelia takes a sip from Jules’ cup only to find out it’s water “gross”, lol). Jules threatening to slit Ophelia’s throat and telling her to stop stalking her and then Ophelia swiping Jules’ phone? Loved all of it.

I can’t believe Ophelia killed that dude. What did she use? A wrench? It didn’t even seem like she hit him that hard. What a mess, though. This will definitely bind the two girls forever and now they have to deal with Ophelia’s car being missing. I’ve a feeling it was probably just towed away and then they can get rid of the body for good. To make things even more complicated, the guy they killed was the stepbrother of Tyler, the one who has a thing for Jules. Oy vey.

The whole Defying Gravity scene was HILARIOUS. Both of them really got into it. They will never be the same again.

As for the other characters, I definitely liked Kennedy and Harris and can totally see why Jules and Ophelia are best friends with each of them. Harris and Ophelia seem to have the same sense of humor and he is definitely the rock that keeps her grounded. Kennedy is Jules’ support and I’m hoping this friendship gets more fleshed out because things could get quite complicated with them if/when Kennedy finds out what Nate did.

I look forward to the rest of the episodes. Word of mouth convinced me to finally check this out and I’m happy I did.

Will end this with a few of my favorite lines (of course, most of them are said by Ophelia):

“That’s just your lock screen.”

“Popcorn is not breakfast.”

“If you turn everything on time and take all the tests, classes are optional.”

“Gross! What is that? Water?”

“What the balls?”

“I didn’t know there were specific sorority-sanctioned rules on where you can and cannot drink after murder.”

“Two whiskey rocks.”
“I don’t drink.”
“I didn’t order you a drink.”


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