“Is the baby gonna play chess against death?”

TV Show: Veep
Episode Title: Groundbreaking
Original Air Date: June 25, 2017
Episode Number: 6×10

Episode Description

Selina and her staff get ready for the long-awaited groundbreaking for her library. Amy seeks clarity on her role.

My Review

That was a pretty good and funny finale. I’m so glad the gang is going to be back together next season with a few changes. Mike is no longer the speechwriter (it’s now Leon West) and is instead teaching at a community college (maybe?). Not sure yet what everyone else’s role is this go around, but I’m going to assume it’ll be the same as before.

I was shocked by the Amy/Dan reveal, but I don’t want this baby to derail the fun in this show so I hope she doesn’t give birth to it well until the show is close to ending. Just no baby storylines, please. We’ve already had that storyline with Catherine and Marjorie’s baby. I’ve never been a shipper of Amy and Dan, but I guess them being so drunk led to them finally having sex. Let’s see if they can actually make this work and they’ll have a real relationship since I do think both of them have underlying feelings for each other.

We saw the real Selina there after her breakup with Jaffar, wow. I’m speechless! I do feel bad that she had to put an end to the one real person that she loves, but you know what, there are other fish in the pond.

The flashbacks were very interesting. So Gary met Selina when she was giving birth to Catherine and he never left her side since then? Am I correct in this? That Gary was a candy striper at that hospital and this is how their story started? The hair on Gary and Mike were atrocious (this includes Mike’s beard). Cannot un-see.

Loved that Selina had a plan all along with her vagi-brary and that she was sabotaging that plan after the whole Tibet thing. Didn’t see that coming. Now that she is running for president, will Andrea Savage be in more episodes next season as Montez? Please, TV gods, let her be a regular.

Can’t believe Jonah is actually going to run for president. This definitely reminds me of Hillary/Trump and Selina/Jonah and I wouldn’t be surprised if the writers crib from the 2016 campaign for some of their material.

All in all, this was a pretty strong season although it wasn’t my favorite. They really need to tone down Selina’s cruelness/meanness next season.


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