“Purple never goes out of style”

TV Show: Fringe
Episode Title: The Bishop Revival
Original Air Date: January 28, 2010
Episode Number: 1×13

Episode Description

When a specific group of guests at a wedding in Brookline, MA, suffocate from the inside out, the upsetting and disconcerting crime scene has the Fringe team investigating how the toxin was delivered and targeted. As evidence is taken into the lab, it’s discovered that the wedding ceremony was a testing ground for a weaponized science experiment. Adding to the intense lab investigation, Walter uncovers an alarming formula that reveals a link to a branch on the Bishop family tree. With the escalating threat of more deadly attacks and unexpected familial ties to the case, the Fringe team stops at nothing to prevent further catastrophic events.

My Review

This was just an okay episode which didn’t really advance the over-arcing mythology that much. It was nice to see a little bit of the Bishop family history, though. Peter’s reaction when he found out that he was related to a Nazi (technically) was my reaction. It’s never good to hear these kinds of things. But Robert was a good enough man to realize that what Hitler was doing was inhumane and did his best to subvert whatever Hitler’s plans were.

The case of the week in this episode reminded me of a Black Mirror which I just watched last week from season three – it was episode five, title Men Against Fire. SPOILER ALERT for Black Mirror fans who haven’t seen this episode yet. Look away now. This episode dealt with eradicating a portion of the population by killing them outright. It’s funny because I was also reminded by this exact BM episode when I watched the Fringe episode previous to this one (What Lies Below). Interesting!

It was nice to see Markham again and of course, still busting Peter’s balls. Olivia calling out Peter that he didn’t sell Walter’s books for money was great. She is so intuitive and I love that about her. Either that or she really just knows Peter so well now or it could be a combination of both. Peter admitting that he sold the books because he was so angry with Walter at the time and he knew that it would hurt Walter if his prized possessions are gone. That’s cold, Peter.

I find it amusing that Walter is a Polivia shipper, bold enough to ask Peter if Olivia will call her ‘dad’ one day, lol. Peter’s reaction was so cute. Of course, Walter did the whole “You look lovely today, Agent Dunham. Peter, doesn’t she look lovely?” bit which every parent loves to do to embarrass their kid.

A couple of random observations:

– How exactly did that Nazi survive looking like that all these years? Did he have a serum or cure for aging?

– Did I hear Walter call Astrid “Ostrich”?? I replayed that scene twice and it sounded like he did which just cracks me up.


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