“I think Mother Nature’s a real bitch”

TV Show: Fringe
Episode Title: Snakehead
Original Air Date: December 3, 2009
Episode Number: 2×09

Episode Description

After a cargo ship runs aground, the shoreline becomes littered with bodies hosting a giant squid-like creature. The Fringe team descends upon the scene to examine the bodies and discovers that the mysterious organisms are actually giant parasites. As the investigation unfolds, Walter heads back to the lab while Olivia, Peter, and Broyles race against time when they realize the case has ties to a threatening organization.

My Review

This is one of those perfect standalone Fringe episodes. Good case of the week, gross mysterious creatures, fantastic character moments, and great teamwork from everyone.

Without a doubt the moment between Walter and Astrid in the end is the best scene in the episode. It was so touching when Walter couldn’t stop asking Peter about Astrid after finding out she was followed back to the lab. I couldn’t help but tear up when Walter saw her back in the lab and he looked so heartbroken. 😪 Astrid trying to downplay it made it even more heartbreaking! And then they hugged and then the tears would not stop. My emotions. They have formed a beautiful friendship and it really is one of the show’s most underrated relationships, in my opinion. I do love that Walter called Astrid by her correct name several times throughout this episode.

Peter going into the store alone to do his own investigating was definitely stupid and probably the only nitpick I have of this episode. He couldn’t have waited five more minutes for Olivia and the rest of the FBI to get there? Having said that, I do appreciate that it was Olivia this time around who saved him by shooting the doctor dead. Gotta love that Olivia is such a great shot. 👍

Those parasitic worms (as Walter kept on insisting they be called) were so gross especially during that opening shot of the doctor pulling one out of that poor man’s mouth. So gross. It’s pretty ridiculous the lengths people will go to to save their loved ones. That mom paying half a million to bankroll this smuggling was insane. Did she even know how the doctor was getting these treatments for her son or is this a case of the less she knows the better? I would like to think that if she knew how the treatments were acquired, she wouldn’t have been that willing to fork over her money because it risked the lives of hundreds of people.

Another gross thing from this episode was the scene where that gangster slit his throat in the interrogation room and of course since this is Fringe, we see the severed neck and the blood almost gushing out of it. 😧 Never change, show.

Walter trying to be a little more independent was admirable, but also a bit foolish of him. He wasn’t ready and if he only did this step by step, it would have worked out so much better for him. Good thing that Chinese woman was kind enough to bring Walter to his apartment and Peter was able to pick him up from there. Of course, in true Walter fashion, he made himself at home by borrowing the woman’s kimono, lol.

It was quite touching when Peter was about to get mad at Walter and then upon seeing Walter’s sad and probably embarrassed face, he stopped himself and instead asked if Walter was okay. And then in the last scene, Walter implants a tracking device on his neck so that if something like this happens again, Peter would be able to track him. Oh, Walter.

We didn’t get much of Olivia in this episode, but can I just say that I really love that she’s almost always the lone woman every time they go on raids and that she’s almost always there in the thick of things and leading them? I just love that about her, her gung-ho attitude and her fearlessness. I also loved her reaction when Peter told her about Walter’s self-actualization and how amused she seemed by this.


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