“I haven’t killed anyone yet”

TV Show: Black Mirror
Episode Title: Playtest
Original Air Date: October 21, 2016
Episode Number: 3×02

Episode Description

A thrill-seeking globetrotter visits Britain, hooks up with a woman and tests the latest in video game technology – “a device as mind-bendingly sophisticated as it is terrifying.”

My Review

Holy shit. This is the first Black Mirror episode that really got me all fucked up. Hell, my heart was beating so fast and I can still feel it beating hard even after the episode ten minutes ago. How am I supposed to go to bed now after watching this? Impossible. I need to watch the rest of the episodes during the day for my own peace of mind.

Seriously, though, how fucking awesome and fucked up was this episode? I think it might be my favorite one so far because of the never-ending twists and turns and all the fucking mind games during the last five minutes. Those last few minutes left me breathless, wow.

The fact that the company was using human subjects for their experiments which could lead to death is all kinds of wrong. I think the reason Katie got up that one time to get the second page for Cooper to sign the NDA was because there’s a different NDA outside where it clearly states that there’s a possibility that Cooper could die. Then again, maybe I’m just being paranoid and that the previous subjects are all okay and Cooper was the only one who died by accident.

Everything that happened in that house was just amazing. It got even better when Sonja showed up and stabbed Cooper with the knife. Their fight scene was BRUTAL. Kudos to both actors. The part where Cooper is in the bedroom and then things start to deteriorate and he loses his memories just like his dad? Even though it wasn’t real, it was still heartbreaking to see.

And then we cut to Shou’s office where they unplug Cooper and then we think it’s all a happy ending and he gets to go home to see his mom only to find out that she’s lost her memory and then he gets pulled back into reality and we’re back to the white room. This is reality now and within the span of 0.04 seconds, the experiment is over because Cooper’s mom called inadvertently killing him thanks to interference with the chip implanted into Cooper. So fucked up.

Gotta love how the episode ended with Katie typing in “Called ‘Mom'” into the case notes for Cooper. He did end up “calling” his mother after all.

Nice to see Hannah John-Kamen come back for a second time on the show, this time as a different character from her Fifteen Million Merits character.

This episode is going to stay with me for a while, I think.

I’m going to end this on an upbeat note by listing a few of the funnier lines that were said during the first half of the episode:

“The Singularity? It’s when computers learn to outsmart man like women did years ago.”

“Welcome to the 19th century. No TV, no Internet, no wi-fi.”
“Yeah, no wonder people were seeing shit. Probably were just bored out of their gourds.”

“He’s gonna be right behind this door when I close this, right? This is how it works.” (I especially loved this one because Cooper said exactly what I was thinking in this instance and I couldn’t stop laughing.)


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