“You’re just an old attitude with new hair”

TV Show: Black Mirror
Episode Title: The Waldo Moment
Original Air Date: February 25, 2013
Episode Number: 2×03

Episode Description

Meet Waldo… a CGI blue bear from a children’s educational TV show who in reality is an anarchic character on a satirical late-night topical comedy show. Behind the scenes, Waldo is voiced and controlled by failed comedian Jamie Salter. When the channel decide they would like to give Waldo his own pilot, the production company enter him into a political race against one of his victims, Conservative Liam Monroe, for a stunt. Jamie isn’t comfortable with politics – he just sees himself as a clown – but once the wheels start turning there’s no stopping the thing. So what can Jamie do?

My Review

Was not a fan of this episode probably because it veered too close to real life politics in the United States with our very own Waldo inexplicably becoming president because apparently half the people in this country are stupid, racists, misogynists, don’t care about healthcare, hate refugees…basically everything this country is supposed to stand for.

Politics is a complete joke these days and this episode perfectly captured that. Sad, really. First you had Brexit and then Orange became president, no thanks to the media taking it all as a joke and giving him the exposure that should have been given to the other candidates instead. I’m getting so pissed off so I’ll stop before this gets way too political for my taste.

One last thing, why am I not surprised it was an American who suggested to Jack that they could do even bigger things with Waldo by fucking up the political systems in other countries? I mean, damn.


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