“I’m bored. No cadavers at this crime scene. Or food.”

TV Show: Fringe
Episode Title: Of Human Action
Original Air Date: November 12, 2009
Episode Number: 2×07

Episode Description

When a kidnapping rapidly escalates into a hostage situation in New York, local authorities close in on the suspects only to discover that an unknowable force has mind-blowing consequences. The investigation intensifies and the mystery and threat deepen to unimaginable proportions when the Fringe Division identifies a link between the kidnapping and Massive Dynamic.

My Review

I love rewatching these episodes because there’s always something new that I haven’t noticed or don’t remember from when I first watched them. In this one, I’ve forgotten that Massive Dynamic cloned Tyler and are using them to experiment with mind control. 😮 That is all kinds of fucked up. Why use a kid? Oh wait, Massive Dynamic was built by the same guy who experimented on kids back in the 1980s so I shouldn’t be surprised. Still, though. This just seems like such a huge violation of everything.

Gotta love that last scene with Nina writing to Bell about what happened to their Tyler Experiment and that it had to be shut down because the Fringe Division are on to them. Sneaky Nina Sharp. Strong poker face on that one.

Poor Peter getting abducted and having to do things that he didn’t want to do. Thankfully it was nothing horrible and that the worst he did was shoot Broyles on the arm and he succeeded in aiming at his arm instead of his head which Tyler wanted him to do. Yay, Peter! Loved him and Broyles cracking up over this after the fact.

Walter getting so worried about losing Peter “again” was another red flag as to what happened when Peter was a kid. I’m really enjoying how the show has been teasing this plot throughout the first season and so far this season. They throw you a bone every now and then to keep things interesting and to get you invested and it’s just enough to whet your appetite.

I liked that we found out that it was Bell who introduced Walter and Peter’s mom at a conference in Berlin back in the day. I also liked that we got a bit of look into Walter’s headspace regarding Bell. He sounded almost jealous that Bell built Massive Dynamic without him and how successful it’s become. “He didn’t wait for me.”

As for the case of the week, I thought it was very cool how everyone thought that Tyler was kidnapped and that those two guys were the kidnappers and were doing all those horrible things to the cops. When we found it was the other way around, it was a pretty neat reveal.

Lastly, how cute was it when Walter and Astrid were wearing tinfoil hats while inside Massive Dynamic because Walter thinks that they’re trying to read his thoughts?


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