“Somebody’s always stealing the game from me”

TV Show: Pretty Little Liars
Episode Title: Farewell, My Lovely
Original Air Date: June 20, 2017
Episode Number: 7×19

Episode Description

Convinced they know who A.D. is, the Liars gear up for a confrontation. Spencer, Hanna, and Caleb team up to investigate and discover new information about Charlotte’s death. Meanwhile, Mary Drake returns with a gift for Spencer and Alison.

My Review

One more episode and we’ll be rid of this show forever and its inability to answer one damn thing. Okay, we did find out that Mona accidentally killed Charlotte’s unreformed ass because she was only defending herself. That was one tidbit we got, but we didn’t really get anything else, did we?

AD drove off into the sunset…don’t tell me they’re calling it quits after Mary saved the girls’ asses and confessed to Dunhill’s murder. Then again, AD has nothing to lord over the girls now (or is there?) since their other secrets won’t get them in trouble with the police (or will it?).

The girls are lucky Mary is doing this to protect Spencer because it’s probably the least she could do after being absent from most of Spencer’s life. They’re also lucky that Tanner believes that Mary’s confession is credible enough and probably even has evidence to put her in jail so she’s not going after the girls anymore.

I feel so sad and heartbroken over Mona suffering a mental break after getting involved with the game, but in her mind, it was all worth it because Hanna needed her and all she’s wanted all this time was to protect the girls even if they kept shutting her out. Oh, Mona. Why couldn’t you see that you are better off without these girls? They’re not worthy of your friendship and your help and your trust. I’m just glad that the girls are actually helping her by calling Dr. Sullivan and getting Mona much-needed help. I hope she can come back from this and then get the fuck away from Rosewood.

I did love how Hanna kept on insisting to everyone that Mona is innocent and that she’s not AD and she didn’t stop saying this. Mona/Hanna forever, you guys. Their friendship is the best out of all the other friendships on the show. Don’t deny this. Hanna apologizing to Mona got me a bit teary-eyed. If there’s an epilogue in the finale, I want to see these two staying best friends and living right next to each other.

Mona’s confrontation with Charlotte was pretty illuminating. Did we know that Charlotte came back to torture the girls again when she resurfaced back in Rosewood? I don’t remember. It really warmed my heart when Mona told Charlotte that she better not hurt and bully the girls again. Charlotte kept on being a bully until the very end. It’s unfortunate what happened to her and how her life turned out, but she is a despicable person for torturing the girls for so long.

Ezra getting mad at the other girls for shunning Aria made me want to fucking punch him in the face. You have no fucking right, you pedo. Ugh, he is the worst and I can’t believe he’s going to end up marrying Aria. Stupid Aria should dump his ass because he’s not worth it. I laughed at his boast that he knows how to get rid of a dead body because “I have a masters degree in American literature. There is nothing I can’t handle.” I’m not sure if he was being serious or if he was being sarcastic. And yes, I know that he was probably half-serious because he might have read something about burying a dead body without anyone knowing about it throughout his illustrious education. 🙄

Gotta give it up to Aria for saying that “If we wanna stop the crazy, we’ve to stop acting crazy” and declaring that they don’t have to dig up the grave because it will never end. AD will just continue torturing them and playing mind games with them. Halle-freaking-lujah!

Lastly, I thought it was cute when Caleb teased Spencer and her being the only one he knows who uses “whom.”

One more episode!


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