“I don’t want any tea, I want answers”

TV Show: Fringe
Episode Title: Momentum Deferred
Original Air Date: October 8, 2009
Episode Number: 2×04

Episode Description

Recuperating from the traumatic and alarming meeting with Massive Dynamic founder William Bell, Agent Dunham consumes a powerful “fringe” concoction that Dr. Bishop prescribes to stimulate her memory. Meanwhile, the Fringe Division investigates a series of robbery cases that are tied to shape-shifting. As clues are tracked and memories are jogged, another woman experimented on by Dr. Bishop is introduced and a flashback reveals more about Olivia’s visit to the alternate reality.

My Review

This is one of my favorite Fringe episodes because we got a lot of answers (and with them, a lot of further questions) which moved the plot along very nicely. There were so many things that happened so I’ll just go through each of them, one by one.

Olivia and Bell: LOVED everything about her meeting with Bell and how she didn’t back down one bit when Bell tried to be nice to her because she’s still pretty pissed at him and Walter for experimenting on her (along with a bunch of other kids) when she was little. Her hostility was totally understandable and it was refreshing to see a character tell it like it is to the person who is responsible for the damage that was done to them. The fact that she didn’t forgive him was also great. I’m not even sure if she can ever forgive both men for what they did, so I’m glad that she wasn’t quick to forgive them.

Bell telling Olivia that there’s a battle being waged between the two worlds which the shape-shifters are going to start (for whatever reason) so he needs her to be the Guardian for her world and to not let these shape-shifters open the portal to the other side because it would be disastrous. If I were Olivia, I’d probably think Bell is out of his mind, but since this is Fringe, anything is possible, lol. Olivia takes all this in stride and brings the information back with her and tells Nina Sharp. Of course Nina confirms this since Bell has spoken to her about this before.

The fact that Bell told Olivia that she was the strongest out of all the children and that she “was always the strongest” made me proud and very interested when I first saw this episode as to how/why Olivia is the strongest. It made me want to know what exactly was done to these children to help them prepare for this so-called war between the two worlds.

And for the second episode in a row, we got another character telling Olivia that she’s going to need Peter by her side (in the previous episode, Broyles told both of them to take care of each other). And that’s all I’m saying about this. šŸ™‚

Walter, Rebecca, Peter: Well, if it hasn’t been confirmed already, we’re almost sure that Peter is not from this world because Rebecca saw a glow emanating from Peter and she was shocked by it so she didn’t say anything. I wonder if she told Walter on the drive to her place. It was very sweet how she treated Walter and how affectionate she was. She didn’t blame him for experimenting on her which was a nice contrast to Olivia’s scene with Bell. Of course, both of their circumstances were different so we can’t really compare their reactions in the same way, but I thought this was a nice parallel.

Massive Dynamic: We got introduced to a new recurring (somewhat) character, Brandon, a scientist at Massive Dynamic. Just like with Sam Weiss, he’s one of those likeable recurring characters. His program that was able to render the identity of the last person shape-shifted into was pretty neat and helped Olivia’s life.

Charlie: Goodbye, Kirk Acevedo. It was fun while it lasted. Once he was turned into a shape-shifter, Kirk’s days on the show were numbered. I’m left to wonder if this was all plot-driven or if Kirk found another job and wanted to leave. In any case, the confrontation between Olivia and Charlie was as brutal as I expected. It just broke my heart that Olivia went through another traumatic experience with her partner trying to kill her and her essentially shooting her partner. Yes, he’s no longer Charlie, but it must have a lot of conflict within her to shoot and kill this thing that looks like her partner. Olivia needs a hug, you guys.

Other random observations:

– I laughed so hard when Olivia just took the glass of worms and drank it before anyone noticed and then we get Walter saying that it wasn’t quite ready, that he was going to add strawberries, lol.

– How COOL is the episode title? Seriously, it’s one of my favorite Fringe episode titles. Also, I loved this quote from Bell: “Momentum can be deferred, but it must always be paid back in full.”

– Also cool? The way Olivia collapsed on the floor when she heard the bell (heh) in the lab. Anna Torv played that perfectly.

– There were two instances here that I think Walter said Astrid’s name correctly. I had closed captioned turned on and both times, it said “Astrid.”

– Anyone liked Olivia’s hair in a bun throughout this episode? Definitely a great look for her and more practical since she’s always running.

– Only in this show is this quote not ridiculous-sounding: “Why are shape-shifting soldiers from another universe stealing frozen heads?”

– This is the introduction of Sebastian Roche’s character, one of the best Fringe villains, imo.


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