“Science is patience”

TV Show: Fringe
Episode Title: Night Of Desirable Objects
Original Air Date: September 24, 2009
Episode Number: 2×02

Episode Description

A series of strange disappearances in Pennsylvania attracts the attention of the Fringe team and leads them underground. Walter also tries to recreate Olivia’s accident using frogs and Charlie tries to find out how much she remembers.

My Review

That monster is as scary as I remembered it was. When Olivia turned around and you could see the monster in the background creeping up behind her and then dragged into the hole was scary as hell. Stuff of nightmares, I swear. It’s crazy what the writers come up with when it comes to the monsters of the week. This one reminded me of that episode where that baby grew to an old man in less than 24 hours and that episode where that guy was killing women to take their pituitary glands so he can stay alive/young. Creepy!

I know I’ve warned viewers not to eat anything while watching this show and of course I didn’t follow my advice so when the monster killed that poor construction worker, I was in the middle of taking a forkful of salad to eat and I had to put it down, lol. This will teach me never to eat while watching this show. Why must I be so stubborn?

Olivia having super-hearing is one of the side effects of traveling to the alternate universe, I’m guessing. It’s a pretty cool “superpower” to have in the meantime so I hope she can figure out how to control it. It’s useful to have in her line of work and it even helped in them cracking the case.

Sam Weiss, yay! He’s one of my favorite Fringe characters so I’m excited to see him start his arc in this episode. He and Olivia will have a very interesting dynamic and that’s all I’ll have to say about that. No spoilers here. I do want to know how he helped Nina when she was recovering from getting the news about having cancer. I can imagine the two of them interacting and talking in that roundabout way that Nina usually talks and I’m laughing my ass off. They must have gotten along massively well. Also, if you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, you probably got a kick out of Sam Weiss’ name. 😃

Walter trying to figure out what really happened to Olivia during her accident was a fun experiment with him and Astrid using plastic frogs and toy cars to simulate the accident. Fun times. Can’t believe they’ve been at it for four hours. Poor Astrid.

Agent Jessup makes an appearance again, but didn’t really do much except rifle through the Bible and glance at a crucifix at Hughes’ place and we’re shown a small statue of the Virgin Mary. Seriously, I’m still not sure why they needed to introduce this character at all. She seems a bit redundant..

Oh, Charlie. It’s going to break Olivia if/when she finds out that her Charlie is no longer the real Charlie and that he has a mission to kill her (but not before helping her remember her meeting with Bell).

How sweet was that last Peter and Walter scene? Walter being oblivious that Peter was talking about him was so endearing. Astrid and Peter laughing at this was cute.

Lastly, did anyone else laugh at Peter’s SUPER-PISSED reaction when Olivia almost shot him in the head?! LOL.


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