“Is this gonna make her head explode or something?”

TV Show: Fringe
Episode Title: A New Day In The Old Town
Original Air Date: September 17, 2009
Episode Number: 2×01

Episode Description

Season two opens with Olivia’s shocking return from the perplexing alternate reality, while Peter is unknowingly in a race against time with an ominous mobile force pursuing information about Olivia’s visit. Walter reenters the lab to cook up some fringe science and of course, some custard for Peter’s birthday.

My Review

Here I go, resuming my rewatch of this show now that most of the shows I watch are going on summer hiatus.

This was a strong episode to start off season two and I maintain that that shot of Olivia bursting through the car windshield is one of the coolest things I’ve seen on this show or on any show/movie. Just the whole sequence is amazing: the car starts up by itself and then a few seconds later you have Olivia flying out of it. I mean, come on. How can you not be impressed/amazed by that?

Another cool scene is the one where the shapeshifter is communicating with the other side via typewriter and we can see the other side typing their response. Such a cool concept.

I have forgotten that Olivia came thisclose to dying in this episode. I loved that Walter immediately shut down the doctor’s prognosis and refused to listen to anything he had to say. I do wonder if Olivia didn’t wake up, what would Walter have done to revive her?

How freaky was Olivia’s waking up scene? She bolts out of head muttering Greek and then she seems to be fine aside from some memory loss. She doesn’t remember anything about crossing over to the other side and the meeting with Bell, but it’ll be a matter of time before she does and I can’t wait.

Those shapeshifter soldiers are efficient and the way they shapeshift is gross and a bit shocking. That is some serious tech right there. Here’s hoping that Peter’s quick-thinking to offer the device to Broyles to show to the committee will be enough to keep them open and working.

I didn’t remember Charlie being replaced with a shapeshifter this early in the show, but I do remember being so upset about it. Olivia doesn’t have that many people she can fully trust and now she’s going to lose her partner because for whatever reason, the other side doesn’t want her to remember anything about her meeting (I wonder what their agenda is). I just feel sorry for Olivia. I really liked Charlie’s story about being shot and appearing strong for his wife and that Olivia is doing the same so that Charlie won’t worry too much about her.

New character alert: Agent Jessup. I’m still not sure what her purpose is on the show and why she was introduced. I guess she was there for a bit of exposition for new viewers who weren’t familiar with the show? Her looking at old case files and referencing Bible verses next to them was interesting. Will this amount to anything? We’ll see. (Fun fact: the actress playing Jessup is Meghan Markle, current girlfriend/possible fiancee of Prince Harry.)

How cute that Walter and Astrid baked a custard for Peter’s birthday. I probably would not eat it because who knows what kind of organisms or whatever else are in that thing. Walter was about to dip his gloved finger soaked with blood in the bowl and I also noticed that he was eating a red vine in the same scene with his gloves all bloody. Ewww.

This rewatch is turning me into somewhat of a Polivia shipper. I thought their last scene at the hospital was very cute with Peter almost flirting with Olivia by saying “It’s good to see you again, Agent Dunham” and gazing at her and smiling while Olivia does the same thing.

The less we speak of the Nina/Broyles kiss, the better, lol. That was so out of left field and a complete shock to probably everyone. There was no indication beforehand that they had a romantic past so, yeah, this was just odd.


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