“Your heart bleeds only a vagina should”

TV Show: Orange Is The New Black
Episode Title: Storm-y Weather
Original Air Date: June 9, 2017
Episode Number: 5×13

Episode Description

As chaos descends on Litchfield three days into the riot, the inmates wonder what the future holds and seek solace in loved ones.

My Review

If I had to give this season a grade, it would be a B. I know the majority of fans are not too happy with how this entire season was structured and how there didn’t seem to be proper story arcs for the characters like in previous seasons, but I didn’t totally hate this season. There were definitely a lot of unnecessary storylines that were complete wastes of time (mainly the Doggett and Coates nonsense), but there were also some great moments that made it worth watching this season (Vauseman getting engaged even though I’m not a huge shipper, Frieda’s bunker, to name a few).

I wonder how the writers are going to approach next season. I don’t want to see a time jump because the ramifications of what happened during these three/four days need to be addressed and the viewers need to see the full effects and what’s going to happen to the inmates. It will be a cop out if they do a time jump to a few months after.

Anyway, regarding this episode, it wasn’t the best, but they had to show how the inmates were going to be rounded up so we got this. Even though I hate the white supremacists, I admired their last stand (together with the Latinas) against the CERT team. I liked Soso’s passive resistance, it was heartbreaking to see. I also liked Frieda’s team in the pool standing united to face the CERT men with dignity.

Even though Leanne and Angie are idiots, I thought it was great that they burned all of the inmates’ files. However, I have a feeling that most of it are probably backed up electronically somewhere. I’m glad Gloria’s son made it out of the operation okay. I’m glad Ruiz got to see her daughter and that Nita followed up her promise to “see what she can do” in regards to Ruiz. I kinda feel bad for Linda now getting rounded up together with the inmates. I’m surprised Joe hasn’t said anything yet, but he probably forgot about her or this is the furthest thing from his mind.

I think my favorite part about this episode was Flaritza and seeing their friendship and how pure and genuine it is. It broke my heart that they’re getting separated and put on different buses and I just hope this doesn’t mean those buses will be going to different prisons. Maritza yelling out “I love you” to Flaca got me all choked up. I thought their fans cheering for them when they came out was very funny. They’re YouTube-famous now.

Well, here’s to another successful season. Kudos to the cast and crew for a job well done.


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