“Sisterhood is powerful”

TV Show: Orange Is The New Black
Episode Title: Breaking the Fiberboard Ceiling
Original Air Date: June 9, 2017
Episode Number: 5×11

Episode Description

Red and the others weigh their options. Gloria wrestles with her conscience as she moves forward with a plan. Lorna takes over the pharmacy.

My Review

Lauren Morelli needs to write more episodes because I really liked this episode and the other one that I liked from this season (the one where we had Poussey and Taystee’s first meeting) was also written by her.

Damn Ruiz for stealing Gloria’s plan and using it to get herself out of prison. I’m still confused as to how Ruiz plans on not getting hauled back into prison once she’s found? Or has she already made the deal with the head of MCC? Guess we’ll find out what happened in the next episode. I felt Gloria’s pain while she was being held against her will on the ground by one of the inmates. If her son dies, she will kill Ruiz if she ever sees her again.

What kind of side effects will Suzanne suffer after taking those lithium pills? Cindy couldn’t take a minute or two to look through the records and look for the pills that Suzanne is supposed to take? This is not good. This might calm Suzanne down for now, but what happens when she wakes up? I have said before that the less we see of Suzanne, the better, but I didn’t mind too much her breakdown here especially the part where she’s sitting on the bed before she takes the pills. I couldn’t care less about her tearing the ceiling tiles so she can get to heaven. It was sweet that Cindy sang and tucked Suzanne in, but this is just the calm before the storm.

Boo finding out about Linda was inevitable. Let’s see what Boo does with this information. I fear for Linda now. Boo just might offer her to the meth heads and the Nazis.

The gang overruling Red in torturing Piscatella to admit that he killed an inmate was a surprise. I really thought they would be all in with her plan, but I’m glad that they realized that that plan is all kinds of fucked up and they didn’t want to partake in any of it. I laughed so hard when all of them lost their shit in Frieda’s bunker and they all started screaming at each other.

Gina continues to be my MVP of this season (along with Gloria). She freaking recorded Piscatella abusing Red and the other inmates and that is the smartest thing anyone could have done. Now they have leverage to throw Piscatella into prison and for him never to do anything like that to anyone else again. Red calling Gina “You magical nymph” made me smile and Nicky promptly apologizing to Gina after she showed them the video was also a great moment.

Seeing Taystee chugging along and making progress in the negotiations is a cause for celebration. It just sucks that Humps is now dead (no thanks to Maureen) because all this negotiating will probably end up for naught and it makes me so sad. Nothing will have changed and the inmates’ situations will probably even worse than before.

Lorna refusing medication to the ones who really need them was wrong. I don’t buy the notion that normal people are uncomfortable dealing with those mentally unstable and that’s why they give them pills to keep them down. No, they are given medication because otherwise they would harm themselves and sometimes to those around them. I did crack up at her little speech: “As a pretend licensed medical professional, I made an uneducated but very thoughtful decision, and I took her off those.”

So what did that pregnancy test mean? What does two lines mean? Is Lorna pregnant or not?


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