“I am England. And I need no one to save me.”

TV Show: Reign
Episode Title: All It Cost Her
Original Air Date: June 16, 2017
Episode Number: 4×16

Episode Description

In the series finale, Mary changes the course of history with a decision she makes, and her perilous move for survival causes her to have a stunning realization. Meanwhile, Elizabeth steadies herself for war and becomes the instigator in Mary’s demise.

My Review

Umm, that was it? I can’t believe that was the series finale. What a complete and utter mess. These writers knew this was going to be their last season and yet they wasted so much time Darnley and Bothwell and before they realized it, there was only one episode left to wrap things up. The pacing of the storyline should have been amped up after episode 10 and if they had to fast forward a few years, so be it.

I laughed when I saw the “21 Years Later” caption onscreen because it’s such a fucking cop-out. The previous episodes should have led up to this momentous occasion, but instead of doing that, they went the lazy route and fast-tracked the plot in a matter of seconds. Such a shame because this season has been mostly pretty damn awesome and I can’t believe that it was tainted by this last episode.

So lame too that they didn’t have Elizabeth fully culpable in Mary’s execution, but left it to Mary’s son James to essentially have her mother killed. I know this show never followed history to a tee, but this one irked me because why bother rewrite this? Unless I’m misunderstood that scene between James and Elizabeth, she tells him that with Mary out of the way, he will be Elizabeth’s heir and will be the one to unite Scotland and England. Right?

It was nice to see James (the brother), but I would have liked for the show to have him share a brief scene with Greer. I know they completely rewrote his story on the show, too, but this is one story that I didn’t mind being changed. In my head, he and Greer got married and lived happily ever after with baby Rose.

I think my favorite part of the episode was Elizabeth donning battle armor and joining her men in battle against Spain, but even this lacked urgency because this threat was only introduced in the last episode. I loved Elizabeth’s speech to the Austrian Archduke when she rejected his marriage contract:

“I am England. And I need no one to save me. Not from Spain, not from the Catholic Church, not from anyone. I am Elizabeth Tudor and I will bow to no man. I will face every threat to my reign with sword in hand and any who stand in my way shall fall.”


My second favorite part of the episode was Mary naming baby James after her brother James. James’ reaction was so great, the endearing little smile as if he couldn’t believe it.

The whole French fiasco really had no place in this episode and I kind of wish that this part of the story was wrapped a couple of episodes prior. I absolutely hated the time wasted on the Narcisse/Margaret/witch threesome. What in the actual fuck was that? This show just can’t contain itself when it comes to the supernatural, can it? Seriously, wtf was this shit?!

It was a terrible ending for Catherine who was undoubtedly the MVP of this show. They reduced her to being stupid enough to being tricked into that mess. I feel sorry for Megan Follows to have to have this as the capper to a great character.

And what exactly was the witch blabbering on about? I tuned out for most of the French scenes so I didn’t really understood why Catherine went to get her other daughter Margo to bring her home to be by her side. I’ll just wait until the recaps are available because this part confused me.

I almost forgot about the reunion between Francis and Mary. I’m sure this was included to satisfy the Frary shippers and since I wasn’t really that into them, this was just okay. Cheesy as hell, but whatever. I did like the scenes that were replayed from previous seasons and got a kick out of seeing Kenna, Bash, and Lola.

Anyway, despite this awful series finale, this was a show that I truly enjoyed from beginning to end. Sure, it had a lot of faults, but that’s standard with all shows. Nothing will beat the awesomeness of the first season, though. Now those storylines were hilarious and ridiculous and so much fun.


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