“Another revolutionary bites the dust”

TV Show: Orange Is The New Black
Episode Title: The Tightening
Original Air Date: June 9, 2017
Episode Number: 5×09

Episode Description

Red senses trouble, but the others are convinced she’s just paranoid. Taystee and Black Cindy enlist an unlikely ally, and two old friends clash.

My Review

I definitely enjoyed the many nods to various mystery/horror movies and they did it in a funny way, too. I mean, I don’t like that they were picked off one by one by Piscatella, but I have no doubt that they will turn the tables on him because they have Red on their side because she “was born ready.” I got a kick out of Alex reading Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None in the beginning laying out what’s going to happen in this episode.

I have a feeling that Frieda and her crew will come out and be the element of surprise no one is expecting and that will turn the tide against Piscatella. Between Frieda and Red, Piscatella won’t have a fighting chance.

Taystee and Janae freeing Caputo so that they’ll have a credible person representing them was genius and I love that we get to see Caputo and Figueroa battling each other again. They were always fun when they were at odds. I laughed when Caputo denied Linda and told everyone that she was a psych patient who they let believe that she was in charge of the prison, lol. It’ll only be a matter of time before those Hispanic inmates get hold of her and she’ll get found out.

Lorna letting Suzanne go free and telling her that she’s free to be herself is not going to end well. Suzanne needs those meds and if Lorna thinks this will help Suzanne, she’s delusional. Oh wait. Although I have to agree with her when she said “‘Crazy’ is just a word that people invented to keep the extra-interesting people down.” She has a point there.

Red’s backstory was very good and I liked how the boyfriend that she thought wasn’t the rebel type really was the real rebel. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Dimitri is Red’s husband’s name, right? Did the two of them stay married and fell in love after moving to America?

It sucked having to see Aleida and Gloria fighting over the phone. Can’t really fault either of them because Gloria did everything she could to look out for Daya and she can only do so much. The actresses playing both characters are very good every time they lose their shit.

As an aside, I think it’s interesting and amusing that Aleida and her boyfriend’s girlfriend are civil to each other and living together taking of their kids while the boyfriend is in jail. There’s a modern family for you.


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