“Hairless Chewbacca is coming”

TV Show: Orange Is The New Black
Episode Title: Tied to the Train Tracks
Original Air Date: June 9, 2017
Episode Number: 5×08

Episode Description

While Taystee sits down with a negotiator, Red and Blanca put their own plan into action. Gloria counsels Daya and asks Caputo for a favor.

My Review

Oh man, poor Daya. What Gloria told her to take responsibility for her actions and to not blame her mother or the inmates for what happened because she was the one who pulled the trigger finally made her realize that all of Aleida’s advice growing up have been bad and made her into who she is as a person today. But never again. She called Pornstache’s mother and told her that the baby is alive and that she should raise her and she offered herself up to the authorities in order for the inmates’ demands to be met. Finally, she is taking responsibility for her actions. Still sucks that she’s going to end up at max for this.

Poor Gloria, too. You could see the conflict on her face when Piper and the rest of them were looking for Daya. And on top of that, her son is in the ICU and is in a coma. I really hope Jack Pearson (Is he the governor? I had to laugh when the other line said “This is Jack Pearson’s office” because it’s the same name as Milo Ventimiglia’s character on This Is Us, lol.) can help her get furloughed.

I don’t care about Doggett being bullied, but those white inmates are heinous. Whatever happens, they all deserve it. Such pettiness.

I really liked the negotiation scene with Taystee and Figueroa (welcome back) and how Taystee was fully prepared to discuss their demands and has all the information to back up her claims. Girl is not playing around. Loved the other inmates watching from the outside and cheering her on.

This might be an unpopular opinion, but I don’t care for Suzanne anymore. The show is trying way too hard now in giving her these scenes where I’m supposed to feel sorry for her. Less is more, please.

Seeing Figueroa and then Pornstache again got me all wistful about the first season.

The Red/Nicky scenes were very good and I liked that Nicky is taking care of Red which parallels very nicely with Red taking care of Nicky in an earlier season.

Piscatella sneaking into the prison…was he going through the entrance to Frieda’s “game room”? Uh-oh. I had to laugh at the CERT guy not caring enough to remember Piscatella’s name, lol. Here’s hoping Piscatella gets his comeuppance because lord knows he deserves it the most.

Lastly, no wonder teenager Daya looked just like adult Daya. That was Dascha Polanco’s daughter playing teenager Daya! Very cool.


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