“Your eyebrows. They’re plural.”

TV Show: Orange Is The New Black
Episode Title: Full Bush, Half Snickers
Original Air Date: June 9, 2017
Episode Number: 5×07

Episode Description

Black Cindy concocts a scheme to distract Suzanne when she spirals out of control. Taystee and Piper search for ways to honor Poussey’s memory.

My Review

They got me with how they memorialized Poussey. That whole scene got me tearing up and I loved it when Soso and Taystee made up and talked about how much they meant to each of them. Who helped Soso decorate the hallway with those books and hung them up from the ceiling with strings? That looked like a lot of work. I loved the brief scene of Janae reading one of the books and above the book she’s reading was hanging To Kill A Mockingbird which was the book her grade school class was discussing in her flashback episode. Speaking of Janae, I continue to enjoy the fact that she’s helping Soso with her grief by having her exercise and punching pillows and running.

I was laughing so hard at Red’s reaction to seeing Blanca after her makeover. “Your eyebrows. They’re plural.” 😂 These two make for a great team and I can’t believe that Red cut off Humps’ thumb just like that. Blanca trying to distract the nurse by being seductive was very funny. “Come here often?” “Yes, I work here.” “Me too. I’m an inmate.” LOL.

Flaritza’s makeovers were definitely a hit. These two can make a killing out there in the real world and when they get out, they should definitely get together with Aleida and open a beauty salon. Invite Sophia, too. She can be the hairdresser. Alex definitely looked hot after that makeover. No wonder Piper pretty much attacked her upon seeing her. Glad that Nicky found a new girl to mack on. Forget about Lorna.

I should feel sorry about Lorna, but I don’t. I know she’s not right in the head and won’t listen to anyone about Vinnie being just like other men, but I still can’t sympathize with her because she kept using Nicky for her own good. That’s never cool.

The Hispanic inmates working with the white supremacists was very pleasant to see and all it took was coffee for them to not get in each other’s faces. And of course, once the coffee was gone, all hell broke loose. This is why coffee is essential, guys. Guess the peace and quiet for most of the episode wouldn’t last. Everyone is pissed off and hungry so of course tempers would flare.

Linda getting some from Boo, lol. She is going to be in for a world of hurt once Boo finds who she is.

Don’t care about Doggett’s drink getting pissed on by Angie and Leanne. I’m over this character already.

So great seeing the “old timers” getting high and just hanging out in Frieda’s bunker. Loved that Gina continues to be the stealth MVP of the season with her electrical skills. Keep doing you, girl.

I hope Gloria’s son is okay. If anyone can put a stop to this riot, Gloria can and I don’t think any of the inmates will stand up to her. She’ll move heaven and hell to go see her son, for sure.

There were so many great one-liners in this episode and below are just a few of my favorites:

“I’m so hungry your face is starting to look like a McChicken.”

“So much ugh, so little time.”

“I literally want to fuck myself right now.”

“Let us fix your bustedness.”

“You’re like the Basquiat to my Warhol.”


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