“This whole place is like a vortex of sexual confusion”

TV Show: Veep
Episode Title: Judge
Original Air Date: June 11, 2017
Episode Number: 6×08

Episode Description

Selina takes a trip; Dan woos Jonah to get a coveted interview; Amy convinces Selina to put her in charge of a very disorganized Mike.

My Review

Can the writers please tone down Selina’s meanness this season? It’s gotten way too much and I just feel sorry for Gary because he’s usually the target of said cruelty. Selina is a mean person, but this season, there just doesn’t seem to be any hint of remorse, however slight, or any kind of awareness at how much her words and actions are hurting the people around her.

And it’s not just all on her. The people around her need to stand up and let her know that they’re humans and need to be treated decently. I’ve always been a fan of the show, but this unnecessary meanness is just not that funny anymore especially this season.

Selina stealing Gary’s anecdote and using it for her own purposes was the very definition of selfish. Her apology in the end was not even genuine. Hell, Gary was the one who ended up apologizing for some reason. This visit to Gary’s family home was interesting. We found out his dad is gay and both him and his mom are oblivious to it. Gary did let his father have it at the party so maybe this is one step closer to Gary letting loose on Selina eventually.

Mike losing the diary has got to be his and the rest of the staff’s nightmare (when they find out about it). The guy is so incompetent, it’s a wonder he even got to Gary’s house in the first place.

Jonah screwing Dan over was glorious. I didn’t think I’d enjoy that, but it was FUCKING AWESOME. And I loved that Jonah got screwed over by his Jeffersonians (now called the Libertonians) by agreeing to the deal with Montez without his knowledge. I love it. Ben laughing about this breaking news was perfect.

The Montez/Jonah meeting was gold and I wish we’d have more scenes with them. I was shaking my head the entire time during the rape discussion because it was akin to seeing someone dig their own grave. Montez yelling at Jonah to “Shut the fuck up!” was priceless as was her reaction when Jonah swore in front of her. This guy is something else, lol.


TV Show: Orange Is The New Black
Episode Title: Litchfield’s Got Talent
Original Air Date: June 9, 2017
Episode Number: 5×04

Episode Description

Red and Blanca dig for dirt on Piscatella. Suzanne conducts a séance. The guards show off their talents for “Litchfield Idol” judges Leanne and Angie.

My Review

Oh dear, clearly this season is going to take place in the span of a few days because we’re going to see what most of these inmates will be up to to pass the time until they get their demands or when the government or MCC figures out what to do.

Litchfield Idol was ridiculous, but entertaining. I would have picked the first guard as the winner because his voice was actually not that bad. Of course the stripper routine was the fan favorite because why not? Kudos to the actor for really getting into it.

It was nice to see Alison’s backstory, but we’re not sure yet what exactly it was she did to land her in prison. I felt for her feeling left out of their new family dynamic, but wasn’t it her idea to have her husband find another wife to be part of the family? The second wife really should have asked Alison first before getting Farah’s ears pierced, though. I also liked that Alison is not too crazy about the whole princess thing. You do you, girl.

The ending with Judy King, however ridiculous, was pretty fucking funny. That was a paparazzi helicopter so for sure those will land on the front pages of every tabloid. Poor Judy King. She just can’t catch a break. I’m glad the supremacists didn’t throw her over the roof because damn, that would have been BAD on so many levels.

Still not into the whole thing with Suzanne and now communicating with Poussey’s spirit. I’m with Taystee. That was some bullshit, but whatever. People grieve in their own ways. This is the one storyline that I’m not interested in seeing more of. I did find it interesting how Taystee and Soso argued over who was more important in Poussey’s life: the best friend or the girlfriend. I look forward to the two of them getting over their differences and just mourning over Poussey.

It’ll only be a matter of time before Linda and Caputo are found out and I can’t wait.

Angie getting the gun…not good. She’s even more unstable than Daya. I had a feeling Gloria was the one who knocked Daya out and took the gun. I wish she hid the gun somewhere in the kitchen. There was no need to carry that around. I liked Gloria leaving a tearful message to her family (for the third time) to call her back. I continue to like her.

Red and Blanca hitting the goldmine with Piscatella while high on energy supplements was awesome. This could be the one thing that could save Litchfield in that it will force the government to stop MCC from operating/taking over any more prisons. Good job, Red and Blanca.

Gina in the electrical closet watching a video on how to turn back the power on was a great little detail. I love that she’s still going at it and is not letting anyone or anything stopping her.

What was Sophia’s plan in getting sent to max? I did like hearing that the nun character was released and how Sophia reacted to this news.

Lastly, I loved that Alex has accidentally become the leader of the resistance, lol. She said she doesn’t want to lead anything, but I think this group will become hers and they could probably convince the other inmates to think about their actions and stop this nonsense otherwise they’ll add more time to their sentences if their demands are not met.

“Follow the crazy science”

TV Show: Orphan Black
Episode Title: The Few Who Dare
Original Air Date: June 10, 2017
Episode Number: 5×01

Episode Description

As the fifth and final season opens, Sarah is deeply wounded and struggling to stay alive on the Island. Driven deep into its forest by Neolutionists and worse, she strives to make it far enough to rescue Cosima. Meanwhile, a recovering Cosima reunites with Delphine, but there’s way more going on this Island than Cosima imagined and Delphine can’t give her all the answers she needs. What is clear is that Rachel is now firmly in charge at the right-hand of the 170-year-old founder of Neolution, PT Westmorland. Back home, Neolution puts the screws to Alison and Donnie in their hunt for Helena. The sestras couldn’t be further apart when they need most to be together.

My Review

And we’re off. It’s the final season of this show which started off blowing everyone’s minds in large part to Tatiana Maslany’s acting and also the twists and turns of the plot, although I have to admit that the story did get a bit too convoluted during the third and fourth seasons. Nevertheless, I’m here to see how this story ends hoping that the sestras have a happy ending and that the villains get their comeuppance. Not sure who’s a villain now because it seems like all Rachel wants to do is find a cure which would help her sestras. It would be interesting if all this fighting is for naught and they really are only after the same thing.

Sarah trudging through the woods to get Cosima only to be told that she prefers to stay to find out what the hell is going on and because she thinks that she could genuinely be a better asset if she learns more about PT Westmorland and what the hell Revival is about. It’s too bad that all that hard work didn’t pay off and to top it all off, she gets tranquilized in the end and hauled back into Rachel’s mansion. Girl just can’t catch a break.

I really hope Helena’s baby is okay. That stick through her stomach did not look good. It was great that she was there to save Donnie’s ass again and I just continue to enjoy their dynamic together and how much they care for each other. I was getting a kick out of their loon calls.

Alison getting kidnapped and taken to Art who’s also held under duress by his new “partner” could be an interesting pair. I wouldn’t be against this team. So who exactly is Matty working for? Did Rachel hire a bunch of new people upon taking over Susan’s position or she just gave out new orders to take in as many clones as possible together with their friends?

Is it possible that the people who took Alison, Art, and Felix are working for someone else? Is there another faction behind this move or they’re all working for Rachel/Neolution? One can never be too sure these days as to who is working for whom.

Delphine going off to Sardinia…for what exactly? And is PT Westmorland really still alive at 170 years old or was Susan and now Rachel just pulling the old Wizard of Oz trick on those gullible Revival citizens? I understand (sort of) what Neolutionists are about, but the way they’re going about it just seems so inhumane. They’re using humans as test subjects and if it doesn’t work out, they see it as an experiment and move on to the next subject. Or are these Revival citizens the survivors who were successfully healed by PT Westmorland’s science and this is why they are so loyal and have no desire to leave the island? I have so many questions.

This is off to a very good start, but I hope that the show starts answering questions in each episode and not wait until the very last episode to do so (I’m looking at you, Pretty Little Liars).