“Fuck PowerPoint! That is dramatic!”

Episode Title: I Come Crashing
Original Air Date: April 21, 2017
Episode Number: 1×12

Episode Description

Annie convinces Sophia to bring a professional web designer on board to help launch the ‘Nasty Gal’ website. Tensions rise as Sophia begins to spread herself too thin.

My Review

Shane, you are a garbage person. That’s it, that’s all I have to say about that. I hope Sophia dumps his cheating ass right away because that shit ain’t right. I wonder how long he’s been cheating on her. I want Annie to go after him and beat his ass up with Dax right there beside her.

Annie is the best. Her motivational and inspiring speeches to Sophia always move me and I love that she’s always there for her best friend and that she believes in her 100% unlike Sophia’s dad. I had to quote that whole scene because it was amazing, so here you go:

“I can say this because I’m your friend, but you can’t do anything else. This store, this place, this whole idea is you. It’s your dream.”
“Dreams die.”
“Yours won’t. I’m serious. The second that site goes live, you’re a success. Regardless of whether you sell a single item. You’re a woman who started a business from nothing. You pushed through the pins and made an impression on the world that wasn’t there before. If you quit now, you’re just a girl with a bunch of old clothes. That jumpsuit is good. It’ll sell. NastyGalVintage is good. Kaavi’s website is good. You believe me when I say it’s gonna be okay. Right?”

I want Annie to be my motivational speaker and to pick me up when I’m down so she can inspire me to do better and to not give up.

Annie and Sophia making up at the start of the episode was perfect and it was way overdue. Sophia apologized for the right reasons and admitted that she was wrong and that she and Nasty Gal need Annie. So cute how they always came back to “I love you in case I die.” That will always make me smile.

It was nice to see Nathan and his mom back for a brief scene and that Nathan finally realized that art isn’t for him. His mother should have told him this a long time ago, but you know what, sometimes, we have to let the ones we love figure it out for themselves on their own time and when they do, just be there to support them no matter what.

Loved Kaavi and her no-nonsense attitude. I hope she becomes a regular if there is going to be a second season.


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