“Are you here to yell at me?”

Episode Title: Garbage Person
Original Air Date: April 21, 2017
Episode Number: 1×11

Episode Description

When ‘Nasty Gal’ takes a turn for the worse, a vulnerable Sophia turns to her mother for answers.

My Review

And we have the episode where Sophia has her epiphany to stop being a garbage person and take responsibilities for her actions/decisions. It was very nice to see her spend time with her mom and not actually blaming her mom for everything that went wrong in her life. She just genuinely wanted to know why she left and I bet Sophia can now put that part of her life to rest.

Seeing the two of them stealing that tree and then seeing her mom rail at the play’s director (hi, Pete from 30 Rock!), you definitely get an understanding of where Sophia gets her fire and passion from. “I really am my mother’s daughter.” Indeed. So sweet when she gave her mom the jacket that started it all. Everything came full circle.

Although I agree with Sophia’s mom about what she said about not needing anyone, I hope that Sophia doesn’t take it to heart that much because I want her to make up with Annie already.

“In life, the only one who can make you happy is you. The great big lie is that we need other people. But…no. The truth is we all die alone.”

Sophia going to Gail and telling her thank you and I’m sorry is pretty big of her and I bet it felt good for Sophia too. Can’t wait to see how she’s going to start up her site now.


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