“You do not come across as fun online”

Episode Title: Vintage Fashion Forum
Original Air Date: April 21, 2017
Episode Number: 1×10

Episode Description

A friendship is tested when Annie asks Sophia for a paying position with ‘Nasty Gal.’ Meanwhile, Gail and the vintage fashion forum plan an attack on both Sophia and her online storefront.

My Review

Sophia getting her business shut down was rough, but I don’t think we can blame Annie for this. Sophia went back into the message board and engaged with the posters again, this time as herself, and threatened their livelihoods. Wouldn’t you do the same thing those other posters did? eBay is harsh, though. Not even give Sophia a chance to explain herself or rectify the situation? Damn.

As for the whole Annie thing, I see both sides. Annie really shouldn’t have expected Sophia to bend over backwards with joy when she asked to officially work for Nasty Gal. This is why you should never ever mix family/friends with business because it’s always a sticky situation.

Sophia could have handled turning down Annie’s offer a lot better, though. Telling Annie that she’s replaceable and that she did everything herself…yikes. We all know it’s not true. Without Annie, Sophia probably would have ended this business venture a while back when she hit those few snags and just recently, Annie’s idea of turning that space into Sophia’s office. Not cool.

Broke my heart when they were IM-ing each other and then yelling obscenities at each other online. I hope they can come back from this and be best friends again. I don’t think I can take it if their friendship is not repaired. As an aside, I thought Annie and Sophia’s forum names were very funny (AnnieGreenGables and SleepingDog).

I thought it was very cool to have this episode focus more on Annie. It was nice seeing her in her element and what her day typically is like. I also loved the whole forum thing coming to life. Genius, truly. They captured the stereotypical posters: the one who always uses gifs, the one who always writes in all caps, the one who always hawks something as their signature, the troll, the one who always goes off-topic, and of course the moderator who always tells people off what they should or shouldn’t do/talk about. So relatable!

Lastly, I’m quite disappointed and embarrassed to admit that it took me 10 seconds too long to get the 69 joke that Annie made.

“And I got it for a very low price. $69.”
“69? That’s very fair.”
“Yes, 69 is fair for both parties.”
“Agreed. Both parties were completely satisfied.”


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