“The sounds are bright and the colors are loud”

Episode Title: The Trip
Original Air Date: April 21, 2017
Episode Number: 1×08

Episode Description

Dax, Annie and Sophia pile into a car and drive to Los Angeles to visit Shane, but both relationships are tested when the weekend plans go awry.

My Review

Wow, in my comment for the previous episode, I wrote that I hope someone calls out Sophia for being selfish and then it happened in this episode. Thank you, Shane! I think Sophia needed to hear those words and I’m glad that Shane said them and that they seem to be in a good place after the blowup. Here’s to Sophia actually taking Shane’s word to heart and to not take and take all the time and to also put people’s feelings into consideration from time to time.

Sophia and Shane’s reunion was very cute and I loved how giddy they were at seeing each other and the whole romantic weekend at a hotel. Yeah, been there, done that. It’s so good when things are perfect. I laughed at Shane wanting to take a shower with Sophia because those can be so awkward and I think Sophia felt that way. The scene where he’s rubbing/soaping her breasts…I’m thinking of how this was shot and I’m just cringing. Must be awkward as hell for the actors.

It was adorable that Shane dedicated that song to Sophia while playing drums. The actor is very charismatic, I must admit, and not bad to look at. He’s won me over.

Loved Annie and Dax and how them taking acid led to them having a heart to heart and declaring I love you to each other. I’m with Annie. I have no doubt that she will charm the pants off Dax’s parents and that they’ll end up loving her.

Dax talking about Lost during the road trip was great and how he was complaining about the storylines. Annie tells him to stop watching but he’s like “What? And get it spoiled for me in the Starbucks line?” LOL. And Annie has a great point. What IS the difference between “partly cloudy” and “partly sunny”? I don’t buy Dax’s explanation because how could you even tell if it’s partly cloudy at night? Kinda hard to do so, no?


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