“That’s fraud. It’s generally frowned upon.”

Episode Title: Motherf*ckin’ Bar Graphs
Original Air Date: April 21, 2017
Episode Number: 1×09

Episode Description

After being told that she needs a cosigner in order to lease a new office space, Sophia reluctantly seeks help from her disapproving father.

My Review

That last scene was epic. “I am a girl. And that shouldn’t be a bad thing. Girls are collaborative, empathetic, hard workers. Girls are great.” Fuck yeah, they are! Sophia realizing this and Annie being her cheerleader is the best thing. Annie was right. Sophia didn’t need to prove herself to a man named Burt Coyote. Loved the unity in the end with Annie breaking a piece of wood with her leg and the model throwing a piece of rock at something (she tried, lol).

I get that Jay is concerned and still doesn’t believe/trust Sophia when it comes to life choices, but that was cold how he wanted the lease to be signed under his name. For once, why can’t he take a leap of faith and finally believe that his daughter knows what she’s doing and that this is her passion? He saw the presentation and what her business could become. That should have been enough.

Lionel playing up the landlord thing was great. I love him. Also loved Shane being a buffer during the dinner with Jay. I cracked up at his Tal Bachman story! She’s So High is a great song and I’m actually kinda sad that Tal never released anything else after that. One of the best one hit wonders. Even Dax got to help Sophia in his own business and nerdy (Sophia’s word) way.

The whole domino effect in the beginning of the episode had me howling. So funny that it was the voicemail Shane left that ruined the blouse and how Sophia got so mad and said “What kind of monster leaves a voicemail?!” Preach it, girl.

Also loved this whole conversation between Sophia Annie, and Shane:

“Did you see Saw?”
“Oh, I saw Saw.”
“Did you see Saw?”
“Oh, I totally saw Saw.”
“Shane, did you see Saw?”
“Don’t want any part in this.”

Lastly, loved the tidbit about the model going out on a date with a female billionaire. I’m intrigued!


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