“Charles has thrown your sister in the dungeon”

Episode Title: Blood In The Water
Original Air Date: June 9,2017
Episode Number: 4×15

Episode Description

Mary has a difficult childbirth that leaves both her and her child’s life in danger. Elizabeth learns that the death of someone close to her was caused by someone in her inner circle.

My Review

Well, shit has hit the fan in Scotland and it’s not good news for Mary. A mad Darnley running away with the baby and raising it with ghost Keira can’t end well for Darnley. This is how he’s going to die, right? I swear Mary has got the stupidest servants. Why did that maid leave the baby when she was instructed specifically not to leave that room under any circumstances? I don’t care if the king ordered her to leave, her queen’s order should supersede his command.

Mary writing to Elizabeth to protect her son (and Elizabeth’s cousin) if anything happens to Mary was a nice scene, but why can’t these two just talk and figure out this heir to the throne issue and come to an agreement? I know that never happened and will never happen on the show, but that’s what I want to see.

Meanwhile in England, Elizabeth has figured out that Jane killed Gideon and now she’s going to torture her in order to find out who she’s working for. Jane, you stupid, stupid girl. How the hell did Narcisse sway her to betray her queen? Jane is that desperate for her family to have nice things that she would do that to Elizabeth? Jeez. With friends like her, who needs enemies, am I right?

And now Elizabeth has to contend with Spain sending their Armada for what happened with the Austrian fleet and Drake firing back after the Spanish fired first. Oy vey. How will this resolve itself? What will Elizabeth do now? Surely she doesn’t want all-out war with Spain and she can’t afford to do so anyway.

Things are no better in France where Catherine’s brood continue to be an embarrassment to her and their country. And all of this for one unimpressive woman named Nicole. Are Henri and Charles that blinded by their dicks that they would throw everything away just for her affections? What exactly is it that they see in her because I fail to see anything that is deserving of their love for her.

Leeza’s plan with Henri didn’t make any sense at all – well, she doesn’t know this yet, so maybe it’s Henri’s plan that doesn’t make any sense. So he was going to run away with Nicole to Spain and then come back to France to claim the throne if Charles abdicates or doesn’t abdicate the throne. And then once he’s king he’s going to marry Nicole which will not please Leeza and Spain because now they’re back to where they were with Charles. What in the actual fuck?

I did get a laugh at Leeza in the dungeons with the “heretics” and the “witch.” She belongs there for all the shenanigans that she has pulled so far. I can’t wait to find out what Catherine has on her list for Leeza and Spain since she let Leeza go.

The show has been dragging their feet with the Claude/Luc/Leith storyline so I’m glad they finally had Leith ready to marry someone else. Catherine’s words to Claude were all good advice and I hope that Claude FINALLY listens and sees who Luc really is and that he’s deserving of being her husband and to be loved by her. Get on that, Claude, before it’s too late.


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