“Baby carrots saved the carrot industry”

Episode Title: Five Percent
Original Air Date: April 21, 2017
Episode Number: 1×06

Episode Description

Sophia’s health insurance finally kicks in, just in time for an emergency trip to the hospital.

My Review

I’m glad Rick didn’t turn out to be a creep and got all weird with Sophia. He did like her in that way, but at least he knew when to back off and set boundaries which is to be commended. I thought Sophia’s note for him was really sweet: “Thank you for being the best and last boss I’ll ever have.” Gonna miss Norm on this show and also Nathan, the art student. That can’t be the last we’ve seen of the latter.

Sophia on drugs was very funny especially after she woke up from surgery and hit on the hot doctor right away and when she called her dad “daddy” even though she never calls him dad. Kinda broke my heart a little when Jay said that when Sophia stopped believing in herself, that’s when he also stopped. You always have to be there for your kid, dude, no matter what.

How sweet was it when Annie played “which hand is it” with Sophia and her Vicodin? Annie knew that Sophia would always get it wrong so she put a pill in each hand so that Sophia would win this time, aww.

Sophia losing her shit and destroying her room was pretty cathartic, I thought. Britt is so good at acting like she’s losing her shit because I thought she was going to hurt herself in the process. Sophia has a lot to learn in that if one item doesn’t sell, it’s not the end of the world. She’ll get there.


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