“You do not come across as fun online”

Episode Title: Vintage Fashion Forum
Original Air Date: April 21, 2017
Episode Number: 1×10

Episode Description

A friendship is tested when Annie asks Sophia for a paying position with ‘Nasty Gal.’ Meanwhile, Gail and the vintage fashion forum plan an attack on both Sophia and her online storefront.

My Review

Sophia getting her business shut down was rough, but I don’t think we can blame Annie for this. Sophia went back into the message board and engaged with the posters again, this time as herself, and threatened their livelihoods. Wouldn’t you do the same thing those other posters did? eBay is harsh, though. Not even give Sophia a chance to explain herself or rectify the situation? Damn.

As for the whole Annie thing, I see both sides. Annie really shouldn’t have expected Sophia to bend over backwards with joy when she asked to officially work for Nasty Gal. This is why you should never ever mix family/friends with business because it’s always a sticky situation.

Sophia could have handled turning down Annie’s offer a lot better, though. Telling Annie that she’s replaceable and that she did everything herself…yikes. We all know it’s not true. Without Annie, Sophia probably would have ended this business venture a while back when she hit those few snags and just recently, Annie’s idea of turning that space into Sophia’s office. Not cool.

Broke my heart when they were IM-ing each other and then yelling obscenities at each other online. I hope they can come back from this and be best friends again. I don’t think I can take it if their friendship is not repaired. As an aside, I thought Annie and Sophia’s forum names were very funny (AnnieGreenGables and SleepingDog).

I thought it was very cool to have this episode focus more on Annie. It was nice seeing her in her element and what her day typically is like. I also loved the whole forum thing coming to life. Genius, truly. They captured the stereotypical posters: the one who always uses gifs, the one who always writes in all caps, the one who always hawks something as their signature, the troll, the one who always goes off-topic, and of course the moderator who always tells people off what they should or shouldn’t do/talk about. So relatable!

Lastly, I’m quite disappointed and embarrassed to admit that it took me 10 seconds too long to get the 69 joke that Annie made.

“And I got it for a very low price. $69.”
“69? That’s very fair.”
“Yes, 69 is fair for both parties.”
“Agreed. Both parties were completely satisfied.”


“That’s fraud. It’s generally frowned upon.”

Episode Title: Motherf*ckin’ Bar Graphs
Original Air Date: April 21, 2017
Episode Number: 1×09

Episode Description

After being told that she needs a cosigner in order to lease a new office space, Sophia reluctantly seeks help from her disapproving father.

My Review

That last scene was epic. “I am a girl. And that shouldn’t be a bad thing. Girls are collaborative, empathetic, hard workers. Girls are great.” Fuck yeah, they are! Sophia realizing this and Annie being her cheerleader is the best thing. Annie was right. Sophia didn’t need to prove herself to a man named Burt Coyote. Loved the unity in the end with Annie breaking a piece of wood with her leg and the model throwing a piece of rock at something (she tried, lol).

I get that Jay is concerned and still doesn’t believe/trust Sophia when it comes to life choices, but that was cold how he wanted the lease to be signed under his name. For once, why can’t he take a leap of faith and finally believe that his daughter knows what she’s doing and that this is her passion? He saw the presentation and what her business could become. That should have been enough.

Lionel playing up the landlord thing was great. I love him. Also loved Shane being a buffer during the dinner with Jay. I cracked up at his Tal Bachman story! She’s So High is a great song and I’m actually kinda sad that Tal never released anything else after that. One of the best one hit wonders. Even Dax got to help Sophia in his own business and nerdy (Sophia’s word) way.

The whole domino effect in the beginning of the episode had me howling. So funny that it was the voicemail Shane left that ruined the blouse and how Sophia got so mad and said “What kind of monster leaves a voicemail?!” Preach it, girl.

Also loved this whole conversation between Sophia Annie, and Shane:

“Did you see Saw?”
“Oh, I saw Saw.”
“Did you see Saw?”
“Oh, I totally saw Saw.”
“Shane, did you see Saw?”
“Don’t want any part in this.”

Lastly, loved the tidbit about the model going out on a date with a female billionaire. I’m intrigued!

“The sounds are bright and the colors are loud”

Episode Title: The Trip
Original Air Date: April 21, 2017
Episode Number: 1×08

Episode Description

Dax, Annie and Sophia pile into a car and drive to Los Angeles to visit Shane, but both relationships are tested when the weekend plans go awry.

My Review

Wow, in my comment for the previous episode, I wrote that I hope someone calls out Sophia for being selfish and then it happened in this episode. Thank you, Shane! I think Sophia needed to hear those words and I’m glad that Shane said them and that they seem to be in a good place after the blowup. Here’s to Sophia actually taking Shane’s word to heart and to not take and take all the time and to also put people’s feelings into consideration from time to time.

Sophia and Shane’s reunion was very cute and I loved how giddy they were at seeing each other and the whole romantic weekend at a hotel. Yeah, been there, done that. It’s so good when things are perfect. I laughed at Shane wanting to take a shower with Sophia because those can be so awkward and I think Sophia felt that way. The scene where he’s rubbing/soaping her breasts…I’m thinking of how this was shot and I’m just cringing. Must be awkward as hell for the actors.

It was adorable that Shane dedicated that song to Sophia while playing drums. The actor is very charismatic, I must admit, and not bad to look at. He’s won me over.

Loved Annie and Dax and how them taking acid led to them having a heart to heart and declaring I love you to each other. I’m with Annie. I have no doubt that she will charm the pants off Dax’s parents and that they’ll end up loving her.

Dax talking about Lost during the road trip was great and how he was complaining about the storylines. Annie tells him to stop watching but he’s like “What? And get it spoiled for me in the Starbucks line?” LOL. And Annie has a great point. What IS the difference between “partly cloudy” and “partly sunny”? I don’t buy Dax’s explanation because how could you even tell if it’s partly cloudy at night? Kinda hard to do so, no?

“You’re weird, but you’re not bus-station-at-night weird”

Episode Title: Long-Ass Pants
Original Air Date: April 21, 2017
Episode Number: 1×07

Episode Description

When Sophia flips a competitor’s vintage pants for a profit, the competitor arrives on her doorstep to challenge Sophia’s business ethics.

My Review

Oh, Sophia, why you gotta be like that? Gail will probably speak of ill on Vintage Forum (or whatever the forum is called) and ask the rest of the posters to start a smear campaign against Sophia which could very well hurt her business. Why didn’t she just listen to Gail and save that dress for the future? She could have easily found another dress to alter and sell as a homecoming dress.

I enjoyed the Sophia/Gail bonding, though. Sophia got Gail to step out of her comfort zone and to live a little. I liked their heart to heart about their mothers and how differently this affected them so it stung a little when Sophia just ignored Gail’s story about her mother and desecrated that dress.

Annie playing Sims cracked me up. Weren’t they all the rage back in 2006? I hope Sophia did end up saving Annie’s Sims before she opened up the browser. Sometimes Sophia irritates me with her selfishness and I hope someone calls her out on it more often.

“Charles has thrown your sister in the dungeon”

Episode Title: Blood In The Water
Original Air Date: June 9,2017
Episode Number: 4×15

Episode Description

Mary has a difficult childbirth that leaves both her and her child’s life in danger. Elizabeth learns that the death of someone close to her was caused by someone in her inner circle.

My Review

Well, shit has hit the fan in Scotland and it’s not good news for Mary. A mad Darnley running away with the baby and raising it with ghost Keira can’t end well for Darnley. This is how he’s going to die, right? I swear Mary has got the stupidest servants. Why did that maid leave the baby when she was instructed specifically not to leave that room under any circumstances? I don’t care if the king ordered her to leave, her queen’s order should supersede his command.

Mary writing to Elizabeth to protect her son (and Elizabeth’s cousin) if anything happens to Mary was a nice scene, but why can’t these two just talk and figure out this heir to the throne issue and come to an agreement? I know that never happened and will never happen on the show, but that’s what I want to see.

Meanwhile in England, Elizabeth has figured out that Jane killed Gideon and now she’s going to torture her in order to find out who she’s working for. Jane, you stupid, stupid girl. How the hell did Narcisse sway her to betray her queen? Jane is that desperate for her family to have nice things that she would do that to Elizabeth? Jeez. With friends like her, who needs enemies, am I right?

And now Elizabeth has to contend with Spain sending their Armada for what happened with the Austrian fleet and Drake firing back after the Spanish fired first. Oy vey. How will this resolve itself? What will Elizabeth do now? Surely she doesn’t want all-out war with Spain and she can’t afford to do so anyway.

Things are no better in France where Catherine’s brood continue to be an embarrassment to her and their country. And all of this for one unimpressive woman named Nicole. Are Henri and Charles that blinded by their dicks that they would throw everything away just for her affections? What exactly is it that they see in her because I fail to see anything that is deserving of their love for her.

Leeza’s plan with Henri didn’t make any sense at all – well, she doesn’t know this yet, so maybe it’s Henri’s plan that doesn’t make any sense. So he was going to run away with Nicole to Spain and then come back to France to claim the throne if Charles abdicates or doesn’t abdicate the throne. And then once he’s king he’s going to marry Nicole which will not please Leeza and Spain because now they’re back to where they were with Charles. What in the actual fuck?

I did get a laugh at Leeza in the dungeons with the “heretics” and the “witch.” She belongs there for all the shenanigans that she has pulled so far. I can’t wait to find out what Catherine has on her list for Leeza and Spain since she let Leeza go.

The show has been dragging their feet with the Claude/Luc/Leith storyline so I’m glad they finally had Leith ready to marry someone else. Catherine’s words to Claude were all good advice and I hope that Claude FINALLY listens and sees who Luc really is and that he’s deserving of being her husband and to be loved by her. Get on that, Claude, before it’s too late.

“Baby carrots saved the carrot industry”

Episode Title: Five Percent
Original Air Date: April 21, 2017
Episode Number: 1×06

Episode Description

Sophia’s health insurance finally kicks in, just in time for an emergency trip to the hospital.

My Review

I’m glad Rick didn’t turn out to be a creep and got all weird with Sophia. He did like her in that way, but at least he knew when to back off and set boundaries which is to be commended. I thought Sophia’s note for him was really sweet: “Thank you for being the best and last boss I’ll ever have.” Gonna miss Norm on this show and also Nathan, the art student. That can’t be the last we’ve seen of the latter.

Sophia on drugs was very funny especially after she woke up from surgery and hit on the hot doctor right away and when she called her dad “daddy” even though she never calls him dad. Kinda broke my heart a little when Jay said that when Sophia stopped believing in herself, that’s when he also stopped. You always have to be there for your kid, dude, no matter what.

How sweet was it when Annie played “which hand is it” with Sophia and her Vicodin? Annie knew that Sophia would always get it wrong so she put a pill in each hand so that Sophia would win this time, aww.

Sophia losing her shit and destroying her room was pretty cathartic, I thought. Britt is so good at acting like she’s losing her shit because I thought she was going to hurt herself in the process. Sophia has a lot to learn in that if one item doesn’t sell, it’s not the end of the world. She’ll get there.

“I love you, in case I die”

Episode Title: Top 8
Original Air Date: April 21, 2017
Episode Number: 1×05

Episode Description

Annie storms out of Sophia’s apartment when she finds out that she is no longer in Sophia’s ‘Top 8’ on MySpace, which leads Sophia on a trip down memory lane.

My Review

Yes, it’s official. I love this show. This episode and the previous episode cemented that love so I hope the rest of the episodes are as good, if not, better than these last two episodes.

It was great to see how Sophia and Annie met and how we got glimpses of their friendship throughout the years and how important they are to each other. Annie has saved Sophia several times and she is definitely someone you want on your side. I find it funny that they met while in Giants “prison” at the stadium for doing something that are typical of themselves.

I also find it funny that Annie was in her Britney phase while Sophia was in her emo/goth phase. And I have to agree with Annie when she described Sophia’s hair as something the janitor swept out of a locker room and dropped on her head, lol.

The scene at the motel pool was very sad, yet sweet. Annie declaring her love for Sophia and Sophia doing the same thing and then asking Annie never to leave her and Annie promising she won’t. “I love you, in case I die.” That’s where that phrase came from. I loved that this was included in the show because it just explains so much the two friends’ dynamic. These girls will protect each other and would probably die for each other. That’s how deep their friendship runs.

Couldn’t help but smile when Sophia added Annie back into her MySpace top eight and then her phone rang. You just know it was Annie on the other line.