“The Internet should only be used to forward prayer chains and make jokes about the Clintons”

Episode Title: Ladyshopper99
Original Air Date: April 21, 2017
Episode Number: 1×04

Episode Description

Sophia faces her greatest fears to prevent a bad review from a disgruntled customer.

My Review

I think this was my favorite episode yet. It was so great to see Sophia get a win and get that dress to the bride in the nick of time. She even conquered her fear of bridges and ran across the bridge, body cramp and all, just so she doesn’t get that negative review. That is fucking dedication, y’all.

Loved Nathan and his mom and how they readily adopted Sophia into their family dynamic. It was so sweet how the mom stood up to give Sophia a hug because she knew that a hug was the perfect thing to ease Sophia’s worry and no words were needed. I might have teared up a little, too. Well-played by Britt. I hope this isn’t the last we’ve seen of these two because they are awesome and could be a great support system for Sophia.

All four friends watching The OC in the beginning of the episode was awesome. I stopped watching The OC long before Marissa got killed off, but I remember the discussion about it and how Mischa Barton wanted off the show and how big a deal it was. I laughed so hard when Shane said he hoped that this means Taylor Townsend would be a regular next season and then Annie screamed back at him “Who the fuck likes Taylor Townsend?!” LOL. So does this mean that Shane is a regular watcher of The OC? Because that is awesome.

The last scene of Sophia calling her dad and then re-recording over it broke my heart. Britt is so good at dramatic scenes.


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