“My life was garbage before this moment”

Episode Title: Hern
Original Air Date: April 21, 2017
Episode Number: 1×02

Episode Description

Sophia’s recent epiphany is hampered by the emergence of a health problem that she can’t afford to solve.

My Review

I think I’m going to enjoy this show. Sophia can be grating to some people with that attitude and her always yelling at everything and everyone, but I think she’s hilarious. She’s definitely abrasive as hell and if I came across her in real life, I will probably hate her, lol.

I feel for Sophia, though, especially now that I got laid off just recently so her worrying about not having insurance and not having a steady income makes me relate to her on all levels. At least she has her online thing that she’s starting up, while all I have is editing my resume over and over and keep applying for jobs. How I would love to tell adulthood to fuck off, but this is not a TV show or a movie. Real life doesn’t work out this way. Usually.

Anyway, enough about me. Just when Sophia thinks she’s got it all figured out, the universe throws a wrench in her plans with that hernia and her having a hard time looking for vintage clothes that she can afford to buy. She was having one of those days and I just wanted to give her a hug in the end. Shane seems like a really nice guy so I was glad he was there in the end.

Lionel talking about his job as a TSA agent was great. I really like him and his friendship with Sophia. I laughed when Sophia yelled out her window “Kiss my ass, world!” and Lionel’s like “No, thanks.” LOL. His stories about people going through airport security also cracked me up. “Am I really mankind’s last line of defense?”

Jim Rash is back as the thrift store owner who opened Sophia’s eyes as to how to run an online business. Sophia is in way over her head at this point, but she’ll figure it out soon enough through sheer force of will and just her overall gusto at getting what she wants.


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