“Oh, watching my zombie roommate talk to a ghost? That’s just what I call a Tuesday.”

Episode Title: Return of the Dead Guy
Original Air Date: June 6, 2017
Episode Number: 3×10

Episode Description

Peyton and Liv find themselves on a surprising wild goose chase. Ravi is terrified when the zombie truth hunters’ plans are revealed. Elsewhere, Major finds comfort in an unexpected – and perhaps unwelcome – friend.

My Review

That was just cruel ending the episode on Ravi with a gun pointed to his head. I actually groaned out loud when the screen went to blank! Not cool, show. Not cool. Ravi gets my vote for favorite character because him standing up to that anti-zombie squad is makes him a hero in my eyes. He’s not even on good terms with Don E., but he doesn’t want him to get killed because Ravi is a good person. I liked the girl who joined them. I think she’s on the zombies’ side.

I hope Liv and Blaine bust in there just in time to come to Ravi and Don E.’s rescue. Speaking of, I thought it was hilarious how each of them got the other to zombie-fy, lol.

I loved this episode and it was a lot of fun. Of course, the Peyton and Liv S&M scenes contributed greatly to my enjoyment of it because how could it not? These two doing the “girl on girl” thing again (last season it was Liv giving an uninterested Peyton a lap dance) was hilarious. I wonder if this is going to be a thing on every season now. Rose and Aly seemed into it, hahahaha. It cracked me up that Peyton really got into the dominatrix role and how expertly she used that fly swatter like a whip. It would have been so great if someone walked in on them in the middle of all this.

Drake appearing as a ghost to haunt Liv’s conscience was also great and I just about died when she was making out with him and Peyton and Justin walked in. HILARIOUS. I’m glad that Liv got a chance to address the Drake situation, though, and that we got some insight into how she was feeling about shooting him and how she tried to bury those feelings by going from one brain to the next.

Blaine recruiting Boss to run the international branch of his business is smart, but how can he trust Boss not to blab about zombies to the rest of the world? In hindsight, it might not be a smart decision on Blaine’s part.

Not so sure what is going on with Major and Shawna, but I don’t rust her one bit.

Peyton, Clive, and Liv investigating the Weckler case…it’s getting more and more interesting. Now Weckler’s kid and her friend are zombies and they knew that Liv is a zombie? What? Did Fillmore-Graves have anything to do with Weckler’s death? Those were FG brain mush that Tatum and her friend were eating.

I want to see more scenes between Clive and Peyton. I really enjoyed their one scene in the morgue waiting out Liv’s vision and the two of them folding their arms in sync. I could even see them getting together and really hitting it off although I hope the show doesn’t go there because Peyton has already been with Ravi and Blaine.


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