“You and your wishes can go fuck yourselves!”

Episode Title: Chapter 61
Original Air Date: May 30, 2017
Episode Number: 5×09

Episode Description

Petrov tries to influence affairs in the U.S. Jane discusses her agenda with Claire. With her job at stake, LeAnn reaches out to a reporter for help.

My Review

This and episode seven are my favorite episodes of the season so far. Lots happened in this episode so let’s get right to it.

LeAnn getting pushed out and getting the blame for the Macallan leak/loose end. It’s too bad because I like her on the team and how she was complicit to almost everything and how she helped the Underwoods manipulate the election, but she has become a liability. I really hope Doug doesn’t have her killed because that would just be another thing that I will hate him for. It was tough seeing LeAnn betray Macallan like that, but it seems she didn’t have a choice. It’s unfortunate that that wasn’t enough for her to convince the Underwoods and Doug to keep her on the team.

Journalist Tom is ever so close to revealing that Zoe was killed by Doug and every episode I am on pins and needles. I hope Tom’s assistant remembers Seth’s name and tells Tom about the call and that she figures out that Sean is working with Seth.

Usher becoming the special adviser to the president is going to be interesting. Doug feels threatened by this appointment and that inauguration scene that hearkened back to the season one inauguration scene makes me think that the show has big plans for Usher. Makes me wonder what exactly those plans are. I hate Doug, but he might be right in that Usher can’t be trusted.

Romero getting screwed by Frank. I didn’t see it coming, but I should have. Frank hates people like Romero so it’s no wonder he ended up screwing him over and he ends up not getting what he wanted. But now, Romero is going to start up the investigation of the president and the events of last season.

So is this the last we’re going to see of the Conways? If so, kudos to both actors. I thought they both did a fine job as Will and Hannah. Their marriage is going to have a lot of strain after this because they both looked utterly defeated by the election’s outcome.

Frank’s speech during the inauguration where he broke the fourth wall evoked Drumpf’s election for me and I wonder if that was what the writers intended. I mean, just read this:

“And now, here I am, President of these United States. You made this bed, America. You voted for me. Are you confused? Are you afraid? Because what you thought you wanted is now here. And there you are, staring back, slack-jawed, bewildered, wondering if this is what you actually asked for. This democracy, your democracy, elected me. And if you think it was hard getting here, you’re beginning to understand what I’m willing to do to stay.”

We were all guilty of taking his run for office as a joke and then when he became the nominee, we still took it as a joke, and then he got elected and no one was laughing anymore. Even his supporters realize now how much they fucked up and now they have to live with the consequences of their stupidity for the next four years.

It was only a matter of time before Eric and Frank got together because there was a spark in their initial meeting and they seemed to be flirting in all of their scenes. Get it, Frank. I thought it was sweet that he went back to the spot where he and Meechum had that intimate moment back in a previous season.

I laughed at the scene with Eric and Boring Tom talking while looking at their respective lovers. It was ridiculous as hell, but this show is not beneath that. I also laughed when Frank told Boring Tom “Don’t cheat on my wife.” Only in this show you’ll hear that line of dialogue and for it to make perfect sense.

Did anyone else want to throw something at their screen during that scene between Kate Baldwin (Kim Dickens’ reporter character) and Boring Tom? I sure did. I haaaaaaaate Dickens’ Fear the Walking Dead character Madison with the fire of a thousand suns because she is the worst and the actress is not availing herself at all in that role so when I saw her having a scene with Boring Tom, I screamed in frustration and just had to laugh. I wanted to fast forward through the scene, but I was curious how bad it would be so I watched it and it was like watching paint dry and/or watching a train wreck. Actually, both of those things are more interesting than that scene so there you go. Please get rid of Boring Tom already!


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