“My turn”

Episode Title: Chapter 65
Original Air Date: May 30, 2017
Episode Number: 5×13

Episode Description

In the wake of a surprising announcement, everything at the White House is shaken up. A decision must be made about whether to go to war.

My Review

Damn, that was stone cold, Madame President! So I was right in my comment in the last episode that it will be Underwood vs. Underwood next season (if there’s going to be a season six). Claire not pardoning Frank like she said she would and saying “My turn” to end this season was a shock. That’s one thing Frank didn’t plan/account for, that his whole master plan is hinging on Claire to pardon him so that they would rule the country in the public and private sectors. Guess he doesn’t know Claire after all.

I’m scared for Claire, though. Frank is a ruthless man, but we’ve seen Claire can be just as ruthless so I’m looking forward to the showdown because it will be quite delicious. Let’s see who ends up loyal to both of them. Who else is left? Usher and Davis are both playing them. Doug will of course side with Frank. Seth, who knows if he’s even back next season. Sean, the new deputy communications director will side with Claire, but that doesn’t really mean anything. They need to introduce new people as part of the senior staff because they’ve gotten rid of everyone else.

The reveal that Frank was the leak was a shock, but I loved that Tom saw through this and is doubting the information that was spoon-fed to him and he doesn’t believe Doug did it. If he digs further, he will find out that it was Frank who killed Zoe. I want him to get to that truth and to also expose that Frank had a hand in Peter’s death and who knows who else. I was so scared for Tom when he went to Doug’s place. He needs to be alone when having these meetings or if he has to meet alone, it needs to be in a public place.

I’m still unclear as to what Jane Davis does or why she is this powerful. She has contacts all over the world and she can use those contacts to find Ahmadi. I mean, what?

Poor LeAnn. She didn’t deserve to go out that way. Fucking Frank for orchestrating her death. I want Doug to look into her death and to finally sever that tie with the Underwoods. He has to know that he’ll end up the same way now that the Underwoods are tying up loose ends, right? No way in hell would they let him come back to the White House. After he exposes both of them, then I want him to get his comeuppance.

Usher suggesting himself as Claire’s VP was a laugh out loud moment, but in essence, it actually is the most logical idea. Still very dangerous, though, because I don’t think Claire would be able to control him and we’ve already learned that he cannot be trusted. Then again, if the Underwoods are bound to lose, then maybe Usher and Davis working together will be the ones to do it.

This was a pretty uneven season, I thought. Boring Tom should not have been a thing because he dragged the quality of the episodes for most of the season just by appearing and showing his boring face. Never have I ever hated a character on this show more than him. What a useless character. Hell, it says a lot that I hate him more than Doug and I hate Doug a lot!

Definitely going to miss Neve Campbell on this because LeAnn was a very good character who was a bit over her head. I want Seth to play a bigger role next season in unraveling this mystery and to have him work with Journalist Tom. They need to reach out to Cathy, Remy, and Jackie.


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