“It never ceases to amaze me how talented men are at making a mess”

Episode Title: 62
Original Air Date: May 30, 2017
Episode Number: 5×10

Episode Description

The Underwoods and their team angle to undermine the revived committee investigating Frank. Hammerschmidt’s investigation heats up.

My Review

What? What?! WHAAAAAT?!! That was my reaction after this episode ended. I need a lot more clarification as to who exactly Jane Davis is and why she seems to have a lot of power in matters relating to international espionage, trade, terrorism, war, you name it. How did she get so powerful in short notice and why haven’t we heard about her until a few episodes ago?

I don’t even know if she’s genuine in her offer to help the Underwoods or if she’s just in this to make a profit (isn’t always about the money?) and that’s what’s scary to me. She wasn’t above gassing civilians just so they can justify bringing in 30,000 troops into Damascus so that whatever Petrov is after in that area he won’t be able to get. You know, this is all fiction, but I have no doubt that something similar has or will have happened within the current administration. Manipulating events to further their own needs. Just unbelievable.

Usher getting called out for playing both sides was a long time coming, but I think he’ll be okay for now. Walker reneging on the deal was not his fault and I think he was being honest to the Underwoods when he said that he wants to help them succeed (for now at least, until something/someone more shiny comes along). Doug was right that Usher can’t be trusted, but unfortunately for him, Frank still won’t let Usher go.

Frank meeting Walker before the testimony was such a bad idea. What the fuck was that? Was he just posturing? If I were Walker, I would have done the same thing because Frank came off like he was rubbing salt into Walker’s wounds during that meeting so it’s on Frank for not heeding Claire’s advice the night before. Yet again, ego got in the way. Well, I’m looking forward to the fallout from this. If Walker ends up dead, everyone will know what’s really up, but I don’t think Frank or Doug are that stupid to stage Walker’s death right now when all eyes are on him.

Claire telling Boring Tom about the people that Frank has killed…was that real or was that a dream? Why in the hell would she tell him that? Claire is far from stupid and she doesn’t know Boring Tom that well for her to divulge something huge like that to him. Does she really expect him not to rat out on her and Frank once Frank tosses him out of the White House?

Poor Cathy. I swear, this woman has got to be the Underwoods’ favorite punching bag. She is always put in an impossible situation and I just feel sorry for her. What’s stopping her from resigning, though? I don’t remember if the Underwoods have something on her?

Sean connecting the dots with Frank’s liver donor and Doug’s affair with the woman whose husband was supposed to get that liver was another “oh shit” moment. Seth bringing this to Claire…I’m not sure if this was a good idea and I’m still unclear what Seth’s ulterior motive is or if he’s loyal to the White House or not. Will Seth give Sean a position in the White House to shut him up?

Doug stalking Lisa like that and intending to harm her…man alive, he is the fucking worst. More than the Underwoods, I want him to really suffer for everything that he’s done. Journalist Tom coming up to him to ask him about Lisa Williams should scare him, but of course he didn’t even look rattled at the very least. I hope Journalist Tom is careful because I don’t want him to end up just like Zoe and for this whole investigation to get shut down.

Macallan and LeAnn were a thing?! Who saw that coming? I sure as hell didn’t! He seemed more like a father figure to her so when they kissed, I covered my eyes and cringed. Feel sorry for Neve Campbell for having to kiss that guy (no offense). What will Davis do to LeAnn now? LeAnn is still a liability and a loose end and I’m sure that eventually the Underwoods would like for that loose end to be taken care of.

Frank and Claire meeting with Davis and Usher, respectively, was interesting. What was the purpose of this? Are Davis and Usher working together to take down the Underwoods or is there something else going on here?


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