“He did have a facial expression I won’t miss”

Episode Title: Chapter 63
Original Air Date: May 30, 2017
Episode Number: 5×11

Episode Description

As the team tries to control fallout from damaging testimony and leaks, everyone is under suspicion and tensions flare between Frank and Claire.

My Review

Hoo boy, the administration throwing Cathy under the was expected, but what was a shock was her getting an immunity deal from Romero (who’s heading the Judiciary Committee) so even though the Underwoods told everyone she was the source of the leak, nothing will happen to her (right?) and Journalist Tom and the Washington Herald can confirm this since they got another thumb drive with relevant information from someone inside the White House.

I have a feeling it’s Seth who’s the leak because he’s the only one that makes sense. Would be a twist if it’s Claire leaking things to Journalist Tom because she wants to be president, hmm. She even got Sean a job as Seth’s deputy so maybe she’ll put him to good use on her way to the Oval Office.

So what did Macallan give LeAnn and will she give that to Doug so that she’ll be able to come back to the fold? Eww at the two of them hooking up. I knew it was going to happen the moment LeAnn opened her door and she wasn’t wearing any lipstick. Note to TV/movie viewers: if a female character is shown not wearing lipstick, you bet your ass that a kissing scene (at the very least) will happen. I did laugh at Frank watching all of this unfold, heh.

The widow telling Doug that she knew all along and she was only fucking him because she hates him…does not exactly compute. Not sure what that was about, but I hope she talks to the press and blows this wide open because that will hurt Doug more than whatever emotional manipulation happened between the two of them.

Claire telling Boring Tom to skedaddle was pretty anticlimactic. I want her to find out about his indiscretions and for her to rail at him. Wait…it’s possible that Boring Tom could also be the source of the leak. He’s actually a more viable suspect than Claire.

So following this, Frank tells his lover to get lost. I thought Eric was an idiot for declaring his love for Frank in the presence of Secret Service agents and for letting this fantasy of his get out of hand. Where exactly did he expect this relationship was going to go?

Frank suspecting Claire is up to something is not good, but he’s smart to be wary because right now it’s every man for himself and he knows how ambitious Claire is. Davis telling Claire to distance herself from Frank so she comes out of this unscathed is not helping Frank’s case. Will it be Underwood vs. Underwood before this season ends? Claire breaking the fourth wall and talking directly to the audience…yeah, that lost its shock when she did it in the finale of last season.


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