“I prefer to call things what they are”

Episode Title: Chapter 60
Original Air Date: May 30, 2017
Episode Number: 5×08

Episode Description

While Frank attends an elite men’s weekend gathering to firm up support, Claire deals with a stranded Russian ship and threats from Petrov.

My Review

Well, this episode was a letdown after the previous episode which was my favorite of this season. It didn’t start out well with the weird cult-like ceremony honoring whatever the hell that was. This is why people hate men like this, the privileged and elitist, for nonsense shit like this. At least Frank got something out of it that could very well win him the presidency. Anyone else laughed when he tripped trying to look for a good cell signal?

The showdown between Petrov and Claire continues and Claire wins this round, but she’s still losing in the bid to get Macallan back. Claire is in a tough position because she can’t possibly broadcast the kidnapping since people will ask who this guy is and why the administration is desperate to get him back. Wouldn’t the best solution be to let Petrov do with Macallan as he well pleases or is Petrov threatening to expose more via WikiLeaks if Claire and company don’t do what he says? I’m a bit confused about this plot (as per the norm this season).

Interesting that Mark Usher is defecting and switching sides to work with the Underwoods. Those recordings of Brockhart and Conway will do their campaign in and Usher is just trying to stay afloat so he’s abandoning the sinking ship before he’s taken down with them. I don’t trust him, though. It seems like he has an ulterior motive aside from wanting to see the Underwoods in office.

Journalist Tom is getting closer to the truth about what happened to Zoe and I can’t wait. Why did his assistant react that way in seeing Zoe’s Washington Herald ID? Didn’t she know Zoe worked for the Herald?

STFU, Boring Tom. No one gives a shit about your boring life. I cringed during his last scene with Claire, but laughed when Claire couldn’t outright admit her feelings about Boring Tom. We all know she doesn’t love him. What is Frank waiting for? Tell Claire about Boring Tom’s indiscretions already so we can be rid of this character.


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