“With few exceptions, I don’t trust anyone or anything”

Episode Title: Chapter 55
Original Air Date: May 30, 2017
Episode Number: 5×03

Episode Description

The day before the election, Conway holds a 24-hour Skype session with voters, while Frank and Claire stump in key states and try to discredit him.

My Review

Is this really the beginning of the end for the Underwoods? Would the show actually have them lose this election? Will they pull a twist at the last minute that will leave the Underwoods in the White House even if Conway wins the popular vote and/or the electoral college votes?

I hate Doug so him etching his initials on the bottom of that drawer made me roll my eyes. He is aware that if a new president is elected, they will more than likely get rid of that desk and get himself a new one, right? Idiot. I don’t feel any kind of sympathy for him because I think he’s worse than Frank and Claire combined. I hope that Seth is the one to burn him and to take him down because that will be such sweet revenge.

We still don’t know what really happened with Conway rescuing that soldier. I wonder if he’s lying about it or is not being entirely honest and just let the story get ahead of itself without correcting anyone because it was already too late. Hannah is in on it so I wonder who will crack first. I do like seeing her be supportive of Will, though.

Frank watching over Claire and Tom as they were sleeping was very creepy. For a second there I thought they were going to have a threesome, lol.

I didn’t recognize the movie that Claire and Frank were watching as part of their election tradition (it was Double Indemnity), but I thought it was cute that they reenact some of the scenes.

Is Frank going to end up dead when the show is finished? He’s been coughing non-stop in this episode and I wonder if he’s suffering from the effects of the surgery?


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