“The past doesn’t disappear on command, Francis. Not even for presidents.”

Episode Title: Chapter 54
Original Air Date: May 30, 2017
Episode Number: 5×02

Episode Description

Frank and his team work to leverage support in key states by any means necessary. Claire learns some upsetting news about one of Frank’s friends.

My Review

This is my episodic comment about Tom and how bad of a character he is and how he’s bringing the show down and stopping it in its tracks whenever he’s onscreen and it sucks because most of his scenes are with Claire and I happen to find her fascinating so to fast-forward their scenes is a bit tough for me (although I had no qualms about ff-ing their sex scene). They are just so boring and have no chemistry whatsoever. Why is Claire even with him? What is so amazing about Tom? Is the sex that good? She can do so much better. Where is that artist guy from the first season?

Frank and Claire orchestrating this fear of terrorism just makes me shake my head. They will do anything to win this election, even going to war for the wrong reasons. They are lying to the American public and to everyone else and it’s going to be great to see these two meet their demise. I can’t honestly root for two people who will stop at nothing just so they will come out on top and have no regard for anyone else.

The whole cyber attack is scary because I’m sure that this is something that could happen in reality. How secure are our networks, really?

If only Conway was a bit more likable, I would be rooting for him to win over the Underwoods, but he hasn’t been fleshed out that well yet, in my opinion. I want to know why he doesn’t want his time in the military to be brought up during the campaign. Is he hiding something?

Seth’s meeting with that Bridget woman…was she an assistant to someone who’s leading the investigation against Frank and Claire? And was Seth’s deal to her genuine, that he’s going to offer up Doug in exchange for immunity and anonymity? And he also met Journalist Tom’s new colleague so I wonder if this meeting will come up again in the future.

Leann might be in cahoots with the Underwoods in this whole terrorism plot, but she gets points for not liking Claire’s Tom (Seriously, why did the writers have two characters named Tom? It’s confusing.) and for not trusting him. I hope she figures out a way to get Claire’s Tom off the campaign and off Claire’s staff.

It was interesting to see Cathy (she’s the Secretary of State, right?) talking to Donald, former VP, and trying to get him to join her and protest Frank’s war vendetta. It’s too bad Donald is too jaded and doesn’t see the point anymore in going against Frank. Really hope this meeting doesn’t get to Frank because Cathy is probably already close to getting on the shit list.


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