“Is your overactive bladder acting like a gay black diva?”

Episode Title: Kimmy Learns About the Weather!
Original Air Date: May 19,2017
Episode Number: 3×07

Episode Description

Titus goes after big pharma when a drug company steals his likeness. Lillian convinces Kimmy that the weatherman can’t be trusted.

My Review

Damn, I can’t believe they ended the episode like that with Titus finally about to tell Kimmy what really happened on that cruise ship. Gotta save the next episode for tomorrow.

Titus finding out that pharmaceutical company (Mordor Pharm, lol) used his likeness and voice for their drug was not cool, but he did sign away all the rights without thinking about it so that’s got to sting. His encounter with the drug dealer was very funny especially after the dealer handed him a pen that said “Crack” on it. Too funny.

Artie and Lillian getting together was only a matter of time. Should be interesting to see how their dynamic will be now that they’re on the same page. This reminds me that I need to go and take the Second Avenue subway one of these days. Loved Artie’s genuine concern for Lillian when he asked her “What is wrong with you as a human being?”

Kimmy’s storyline was a bit of a miss for me.


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