“I bid thee, Fellowship of the Dorks, goodnight”

Episode Title: Twenty-Sided, Die
Original Air Date: May 30, 2017
Episode Number: 3×09

Episode Description

When a Dungeon Master is killed, Liv and Clive discover he was up to more than just playing in his mother’s basement. Meanwhile, Blaine’s experiment does not go as planned. Lastly, Ravi finds stumbles across some new information that could prove deadly.

My Review

Was it just me or did this episode come off as a bit disjointed towards the end? There were too many things thrown at us that I couldn’t keep up.

1) Dale comes back (yay!) to take over Clive’s case. I wonder if this is all the resolution we’re going to get for this case or if this is just the start of a bigger conspiracy concerning Russian power plants and Dungeons and Dragons. In any case, it was great to see Dale back, but it hurt to watch her being so cold towards Clive. I want these two crazy kids to get back together.

2) Major calling Shawna to meet her. She’s one of the people who sent mail to the Chaos Killer and Major is bored enough to actually call and meet her. What exactly are they planning to do? Just hook up, I suppose? Shawna might be a bit crazy for going to a stranger’s house alone, but that’s not saying much since she wrote to the Chaos Killer and even wrote her number inside.

3) Peyton getting the brush-off from Baracus, her boss. Liv is right. Baracus is hiding something and it’s possible he might even be responsible for killing the dominatrix. Is he telling Peyton to drop the case because if this comes out, it’ll ruin his mayoral chances or is there something else at play here?

4) Baracus gets shot and is on the verge of transforming. This is not good if he goes full-on zombie. There are cameras everywhere and there are too many witnesses. I wonder if Justin is going to pay for this; he was on first watch and it’s possible the shooter got in after his watch, but still. Chase already has beef with him so this is just another strike against him.

5) Don E. gets captured by Harley and his brother and is taken to Ravi. This is not good. Not good at all. Blaine is going to kill Don E. if Harley and his brother don’t do it first. Now the business is compromised and Blaine is going to be hella pissed.

6) Blaine talking to his dad in the well. Of course, him gloating will be for naught if Harley exposes the location of the bar and tells everyone it’s a zombies-only bar.

7) On top of that…Boss is back. WHAT? I thought he got killed last season? Is he a zombie now? If so, who turned him into a zombie? Blaine is in for a world of hurt.

8) Chase meeting Liv. I hope the show doesn’t go the predictable route of having these two hook up. Him complimenting Liv’s dress and looking nice made me raise an eyebrow. Chase seems like a bit of an asshole for now so I don’t want Liv to be associated with him. He’s just doing his job, but still, he’s way too intense.

9) Clive loving D&D. He was an absolute delight in this episode. Him brushing off D&D and then falling in love with it had me laughing. Loved the scene of the five of them playing the game. Loved Peyton’s D&D name (Brangelina Darksbane) and of course, Clive’s “Earl. Dwarf fighter.” Hee. Also, “Where is the lich?!” LOL.


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