“I work in finance, producing nothing, destroying everything”

Episode Title: Kimmy Is a Feminist!
Original Air Date: May 19, 2017
Episode Number: 3×06

Episode Description

Kimmy goes to her first college party with her new friends. Jacqueline calls Titus for backup when Russ’s brother puts the moves on her.

My Review

The whole charade over at Jacqueline’s place was comedy gold. Titus posing as a straight man named Cork Rockingham and tricking Duke into doing favors for him was hilarious. Apparently straight guys can’t pass up the opportunity to one-up another guy just to prove their manhood. Thing is, Duke was blinded by this fact and was stupid enough to really realize what was going on. I’m glad Jacqueline got the upper hand in the end because I really want her and Russ to work out. Lillian as Isabella was also hilarious.

Kimmy realizing that she’s hanging out with kids was a great moment. Seriously, kids these days. Too bad Perry is studying to become a reverend because he and Kimmy are adorable together.

Xan/Zoon being the unpopular girl while Kimmy is the popular girl…who would have thunk it? I hope she finds people she vibes with because I don’t like seeing this version of Xan (although it is very funny).

Titus and Jacqueline making out…I don’t even have the words. “Is that how gay people kiss?” “Is that how straight people kiss?” 😂


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