“My snatch isn’t a data port”

Episode Title: Blurb
Original Air Date: May 28, 2017
Episode Number: 6×07

Episode Description

Selina works on her book as her staff prepare for the ceremony to unveil her portrait. Meanwhile, Jonah tries to weasel his way onto the guest list; and Dan struggles to solve his on-screen chemistry problem.

My Review

Okay, this season is shaping up to be one of the show’s best. This episode had me practically laughing my ass off from the first minute to the last minute.

Jonah actually has a bit of power now and for him to shut down the government just to spite Selina for not inviting him to the unveiling was a shock. It was hilarious seeing how fast he and his group’s votes affected the unveiling and how it all went to hell and not the portrait of class that that event called for and which Gary nicely described to Selina the night before.

Jonah converting to Judaism is going to be so cringe-worthy and hilarious. Let’s see how many people he offends throughout this season. So much secondhand embarrassment for him. His speech in the end was so great. I couldn’t possibly quote the whole thing, but his NPR crack about it being boring and shutting down state park so that kids’ parents are forced to take them to cooler places for vacation…I was laughing so hard.

Selina and Tom were great and I continue to be fascinated by their attraction and hatred for each other. Is Hugh Laurie going to be in more episodes or was this his only appearance? I could buy these two eventually ending up together despite Tom being newly married and having a baby with his trophy wife.

It was pretty low of Tom to use his tryst with Selina to drum up interest and sales for his book, though. I hope Selina gets back at him in some way because it’s about time Selina gets a win for a change. I’m kind of tired seeing her and her incompetent team always ending up on the losing side.

That portrait was pretty good. I don’t see the neck thing Selina was talking about. Too bad about the chair that’s now associated with Andrew and his philandering ways.

The fact that Dan and his new co-host (who he’s actually fucking) doesn’t have any chemistry according to viewers is hilarious. Their little flirty thing at the end was cringe-worthy and I had the same reaction as the producer. I laughed when someone in the audience yelled “I hate you” (or was it “you suck”?) during the live taping. I’m sure that was addressed to Dan.

Can we get a bit more backstory on Amy wanting to work for Furlong? We learned that she sent her resume to him and that after Furlong left, she tells Mike that she actually does want to work for him. Is she out of her mind or just a glutton for punishment?

Other random thoughts and lines that made me laugh:

– “Is there like a Jew place for dogs?”

– This whole exchange between Selina, Marjorie, and Catherine:

“Catherine, you are not going to be coy or twee about the sex of my grandchild. This is a human being you’re making, not some Brooklyn-based artisanal chocolate bar.”
“Birth gender isn’t even that relevant. She/he will decide her/his ideal gender when she/he is/are ready.”
“Okay, is that how we’re talking now, Marjorie, like some sort of bi-curious Porky Pig?”

I fucking died. Bi-curious Porky Pig, omg.

– “I can’t. Can you just go away, Catherine?”

– “Why are women always checking in on each other when I am talking to them?”

– “Why do you keep saying that Tom James and I made love? Are you a 15-year old girl?”

– Laughed so hard at Gary’s reaction when Tom (on TV) mentioned that Selina is a year younger than him.

– Furlong calling Mike “Fuckleberry Finn”

– “Is that her name or is that the pill you take to fuck her?”

– I just realized in this episode that Andrea Savage plays Montez because I recognize her voice. I loved her on iZombie playing Vivian. I hope to see more of her Montez on this show. I may have a slight crush on her, lol.


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